How Asking These Questions Will Inspire More Transformative Insights

By utilising investigative journalist techniques, we can transform the emphasis and impact of our questions, as well as the insights we take from them. In this way, outcomes are more meaningful, whilst our roles become more valuable and valued.
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To improve the standard of your work and profile in a client organisation or industry, you need to adopt a new questioning approach. Putting more emphasis on the question, particularly at a time when knowledge is everywhere and easily accessible. The real value is in what you can do with this knowledge, your knowledge, through the questions you ask and how you can use these questions to have a more professional and personal impact.

To reach deeper and more transformative truths, you need to focus less on the why and begin thinking more like an investigative journalist. You need to take an idea and push it to its most meaningful conclusion. That means the ‘Why’ of a story becomes secondary to the ‘So’. So what do you feel, so how does this matter, so in what way is it meaningful, so why must you read this story. Asking why only gets us part of the way there. Starting with so means our insights are more meaningful, our teams more likely to express themselves beyond pure data and we break free from the silo of objectivity to get closer to decision-making processes.

In this session, we learn questioning methods to help us find, make and tell more actionable stories. Understanding the importance of better questions, helps us rethink and reinvent our work in insight and our personal ambitions.

What will you learn?

After completing this training you should be able to:

  • Reframe the research brief to ensure you are answering the right business question, including the ability to have more transformative questions

  • Ask or feed in more impactful questions when conducting or observing research to achieve a more behaviourally led outcome

  • Embed improved questioning techniques throughout the research process to achieve newer and more impactful results

  • Craft your own mission question to help you continually reinvent what you do and reach your professional goals

  • Write better stories to share in your organisation and create business change

  • Write better stories for your own personal profile and how you share your perspectives and points of view through questions and provocations

Who should attend?

Anyone who would like to improve the quality of their work in insight, to create better results and actions from their work. To enhance their profile and even personal life through the way they approach and ask questions of ourselves and each other, be it colleagues in industry or family members. 

Level of learning?  

The session will enrich those at all levels. An open mindset is all that is needed.

  • Lots of inspiring material + sharing thoughts

  • Informative and Interactive

  • Lots of practical tips and ideas that can be easily put into place

  • Learning questioning techniques from Journalism

Feedback from attendees

Programme at a glance

In this course, below will be covered:

  • The context for why asking better questions today is highly valued when knowledge has become a commodity

  • Understand how to develop questioning mindsets in order to create storytelling expertise, all designed to raise individual profiles

  • Use a new way of questioning to galvanise more instructive responses

  • Establish how and when questions can be leveraged throughout the research process

  • The use of questions and how these can be designed and applied for enabling action from insight as outcomes are drafted with core teams and delivered to stakeholder audiences

  • Develop investigative journalism strategies that enable teams to argue, adapt and formalise stories in super-quick time


Leanne Tomasevic
ESOMAR Individual Member, Managing Director at Truth Consulting
Grant Feller
Founder at Every Rung