Awards are a crucial part of celebrating the hard work, success and innovation of the research industry. ESOMAR strives to bring together the best and the brightest whilst providing a platform for researchers from across the world, from all walks of life!

Join us in congratulating the winners and see how you can enter the competitions below.


Every year ESOMAR brings together award-winning candidates worldwide to find the best and brightest in the research industry. We believe your commitment to creating an impact through research defines the industry and its progress into the future.

ESOMAR Partner Awards

We are strong believers that friends and partners make the industry and our peers stronger. ESOMAR brings together global associations with the goal of celebrating research and providing a platform for talent.

Other Awards

National Representatives Awards
Celebrating the contributions of your ESOMAR Representatives to animate the local ESOMAR communities across the world.
Event Awards
The ESOMAR Event awards celebrate the presentations and paper submissions of the insights and analytics community featured at ESOMAR events.
Outstanding Contribution Awards
The Outstanding Contribution Awards recognises outstanding achievement and excellence in contributing to the insights and analytics community at an international level.