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The global business community for every insights and analytics professional, including you!

For the members, by the members

ESOMAR is a not-for-profit membership organisation dedicated to supporting your needs and interests. Whether you're an individual professional or an organisation, this is your association to achieve your goals. Your membership contributions go towards activities and initiatives that empower insights and analytics to improve the world you live in.

Est. 1947, still going strong

ESOMAR is a not-for-profit membership organisation. Members form a community convinced of the potential of data analytics, research and insights to help improve societies, organisations and everyone's life, including yours. We've been helping individuals and organisations that are part of the analytics and insights ecosystem since 1947.

ESOMAR is headquartered in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. ESOMAR is present in over 130 countries through its members, so you're bound to find an ESOMAR member in your country keen to collaborate.

What do our members think about us?

ESOMAR prioritises understanding the needs of our members and uses the feedback to improve our services and platforms. In our most recent Membership Survey published in February 2023, 80% of respondents think ESOMAR is effective in its mission. Our engaged members answer ESOMAR’s occasional calls to understand the ever-evolving Insights industry.

Thanks to their invaluable contributions, we can champion the Insights industry globally

Results of the 2023 member survey

Results of the 2022 member survey

For every insights and analytics professional


Whether you're a project manager, leading the C-Suite, or the person crunching the numbers, we are here for you.

Our services and activities equip you with knowledge of the latest trends and applications, as well as a vast network of peers who can inspire you and help you when you need it most.


Your business community can help your organisation make the most of the insights and analytics ecosystem.

Whether you supply data, analysis or insights, or rather use them to inform your organisational decisions, the community helps you achieve your goals.

Young Rising Stars

Your community welcomes hundreds of students, graduates, and professionals in the early days of their careers.

Our services and activities help you build your reputation in the insights and analytics community and facilitate your first opportunities in our business.


Your community supports academic professionals and organisations to bridge the world of theory and practice.

Our services and activities support the academic community to facilitate access to shared learnings from insight and analytics organisations worldwide.

Public officials

The community is brought together by its shared values around the responsible and ethical use of data, research and insights.

Our services support public officials to better understand the value that our members' work plays in supporting societies and advocate for an enabling environment for them.

Members of the Public

ESOMAR helps members of the public to better understand the work that this business community undertakes to improve their lives.

Our services protect members of the public by providing free mechanisms to raise concerns about research that fails to meet the requirements of the ICC/ESOMAR Code.

Champion of the insights sector

As a representative organisation of the entire sector, we play an important role in advocating for responsible and ethical use of data in projects that help shape the products and services you use every day.

ESOMAR champions the sector's crucial role in making our modern societies more responsive to your needs. We advocate in front of regulators and legislators, raise awareness in the media and engage in campaigns to inform you about the work the community does every day and all of the safeguards put in place to ensure the results of that work are not misused.

A dynamic, global business network

ESOMAR counts more than 750 organisations and over 40,000 individuals like you as members. Members make ESOMAR possible by initiating, leading and participating in multitudes of activities and initiatives organised throughout the year.

You are constantly connected to this network through our digital platforms and, of course, face-to-face networking opportunities.

What we do for you


You benefit from a vast network of like-minded peers and a service offer that keeps up with your changing needs in a fast-moving world.


Your business community to build a global business facilitating the growth of your cross-border activities in a trusted environment.


Relevant content from today and yesterday, we curate a vast bank of community-generated knowledge and make it easy for you to access it.


The values-based community is continuously supporting you to elevate ethical and professional standards without compromise.


Your ability to operate must be future-proofed, which is why ESOMAR champions your case through global advocacy activities.

Need to get in touch?

Contact us, and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the community, our services and activities, and what we're doing to help the world make the most out of insights and analytics.

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