Empathetic Survey Design

This course will teach you about empathetic survey design techniques, a mindset geared at being inclusive in how you design your research studies as well as the thinking about your research from the perspective of the person answering the questions.
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In this course, you will learn about empathetic survey designs techniques, a mindset geared at being inclusive in designing your research studies and thinking about your research from the respondent's perspective.

Gain the techniques necessary to get richer, more reliable and truthful feedback from your research.

Empathetic survey design is a mindset geared at being inclusive in designing your research studies and considering the respondent's point of view to craft the most effective piece of research possible.

What will you learn?

After completing this training, you will better understand:

  • The techniques of honesty priming, which you can use to open up respondents to give you more truthful answers

  • How to design and implement honesty detection and screening questions in your surveys and how to effectively use them to maximise the quality of your research data

  • How to de-bias your survey questions by asking them in more inclusive ways

  • How to craft survey questions that allow respondents to give more truthful answers

  • The techniques of gamification - how you can turn questions into games to gather richer and more truthful answers

  • How to create a compelling survey narrative to engage respondents in the overall survey experience

  • How to effectively design and visualise your survey and use icons to make your survey have better consumer experiences

  • Survey design ergonomics – how to optimise survey experiences for respondents to make it as easy as possible for people to answer your surveys

Jon and Martha's personal experiences and sharing their own experiments made their advice and tips very credible. Loved the sharing of the Excel Question Analyser. Liked the interactive tasks, good variety, simple but engaging.

Feedback from an attendee

Who should attend?

This course is for insights, data and analytics professionals (both client and agency sides), focusing on survey design, customer feedback.

It is aimed at researchers who have at least some basic experience writing surveys but are looking for ways to improve the quality of surveys they produce.


Jon Puleston
ESOMAR Committee Member, Vice-President Innovation Profiles Division at Kantar
Martha Espley
Research Director, Profiles Division at Kantar