Activating Behavioural Science

A masterclass in how to put behaviour at the heart of the research brief
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Welcome to Virtual Academy On-Demand

This exclusive on-demand training offers you access to six-hours of content, split into three engaging sessions. Designed to enhance your skills at your own pace and convenience, you'll be able to download resources, see the trainer's contact information and earn a certificate upon course completion.


Introducing a practical training session designed to empower insight professionals on activating Behavioural Science across the research process.

People often do not think about their behaviour, operating as if they are on autopilot, so they may not know why they make certain decisions. Behavioural research takes a holistic approach to understanding decision-making. It assumes that much of driving behaviour is below the surface, which requires specific approaches and theories to understand it properly.

Through three interactive sessions, we’ll walk through some essential behavioural science learning. We will demonstrate that just a little bit of understanding can supercharge the research process and get closer to behavioural reality.

What will you learn?

Always been interested in Behavioural Science but never been able to apply it? Or have you attended training sessions on Behavioural Science but never been able to apply new learning to your work?

Our Masterclass in Behavioural Science focuses on applying the theory, leaving you with clear, actionable ways to embed behavioural thinking across your research process.

Who should attend?

Corporate insight professionals – anyone who wants to build their behavioural science knowledge,  focus more on behavioural insight and learn how to apply this thinking to the research they conduct and commission

I really enjoyed learning about some important behavioural science concepts. With the time we had, I thought we covered them well at a high level. Enough to get context and think about how we might incorporate.

Feedback from an attendee

Programme Overview  

A three-staged approach:

  1. Overall theory - Behavioural Science and Behavioural Research
    We’ll run through some broader BeSci essentials and how we apply this to our Behavioural Research Approach.

  2. How it applies to insight and briefs - introducing models
    Using the examples shared by attendees, we’ll introduce models and example concepts to help understand how to get the most out of a brief – this ranges from the questions we ask, the approach we take and the analysis tools we can use.

  3. Application – building your own behavioural brief
    We’ll break into groups and design a brief using the theory we’ve covered– essentially. We ask participants to apply the models/concepts and approaches to a current challenge. People can work on their challenges or someone else’s.  


Leanne Tomasevic
ESOMAR Individual Member, Head of RUN JANE RUN at RUN JANE RUN
Tom Morgan
Senior Director at Truth Consulting
Smriti Verma
Senior Insight Planner at Truth Consulting