What can you accomplish in just 60 seconds?

The YES Awards are back in 2023 and it's time to prepare your pitch.
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Date 15 May
Author Monique Johnson

If you are under 31, all it takes to enter the ESOMAR YES (Young ESOMAR Society) Awards is a 60-second pitch (and a little creativity 😉).

Here are just a few reasons why it's definitely worth your time:

  1. Recognition and visibility: The ESOMAR YES Awards are highly respected in the market research industry. By entering and potentially winning an award, you can gain recognition for your work and increase your visibility among industry professionals and potential employers.

  2. Networking opportunities: Participating in the ESOMAR YES Awards allows you to connect with other young researchers, established professionals, and industry leaders. Building a strong network can lead to collaborations, mentorship opportunities, and access to new projects or job opportunities.

  3. Feedback from experts: The awards provide an avenue to receive valuable feedback from seasoned researchers and industry experts. Their insights can help you refine your research skills, enhance your methodologies, and develop a deeper understanding of the industry's best practices.

  4. Professional development: The awards process, including preparing your submission and presentation, can significantly contribute to your professional development. It challenges you to articulate your research findings effectively, improve your storytelling abilities, and strengthen your presentation skills.

  5. Personal growth and confidence building: Participating in prestigious competitions like the ESOMAR YES Awards can boost your confidence and help you gain a sense of accomplishment. It allows you to showcase your work, take pride in your achievements, and further develop your expertise.

  6. Credibility and marketability: Winning or being shortlisted for the ESOMAR YES Awards adds credibility to your profile and enhances your marketability. It distinguishes you from your peers and demonstrates your commitment to excellence, which can be attractive to potential employers, clients, or academic institutions.

  7. Access to resources and opportunities: ESOMAR offers a range of resources, events, and educational opportunities for its members. By participating in the awards, you can gain access to these resources and benefit from the wealth of knowledge and support that ESOMAR provides.

Remember, participating in the ESOMAR YES Awards is not just about winning; it is a chance to learn, grow, and showcase your research to a wider audience. The experience itself can be immensely rewarding and open doors to future success in your career.

2023 Submission Deadlines:

  • [Amsterdam] Congress 2023: 2 June

  • [Singapore] The Art & Science of Innovation 2023: 7 August

Monique Johnson
ESOMAR Staff, Global Content & Events Specialist at ESOMAR