Torrado awarded National Reps Award

Urpi Torrado, National Representative for Peru, is awarded for her tireless efforts to promote ESOMAR in Latin America's emerging markets. Discover what inspired the jury to grant her a prize.
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Urpi Torrado giving an interview
Date 30 November 2021
Author Marie-Agnes Mourot de Lathyle

The insights industry has been very active in the last years, generating knowledge to understand the changing landscape and lightening the way for companies and institutions. At the same time, new disciplines and tools were incorporated into our activity, giving researchers a holistic view to anticipate trends and detect new behaviours.

In this context, National Associations have an important role in spreading the value of insights and data, but also in building a bridge among all players so that we all get inspired and become the motor of transformation of this industry.

Although each country has its own characteristics and challenges, there are common problems so we can take advantage of each other’s learnings. And, of course, the pandemic was a limitation but also an opportunity to meet virtually. This is why and how we decided to join efforts and organize the first Talkin Latam. An event that originally was born in Peru, four years ago. Talkin was a local event with international speakers but because of the pandemic had to change its format to a virtual one.

Image banner from the Talkin2021 Conference

APEIM (Peru), AMAI (México), ACEI (Colombia), AIM (Chile) and SAIMO (Argentina) agreed to join and organize Talkin Latam. Each association was responsible for looking for the “best in class” in their market to build a solid and powerful program. Peru was coordinating but each association had also responsibility in all the tasks related to the organization of the event (communications, sponsors, etc), therefore, we also shared profits. On the other hand, TalkIn Latam needed a Keynote speaker and a global perspective. We took the idea to ESOMAR and we received not only a positive answer, but also we could take advantage of the experience, relations and resources that ESOMAR has by organizing their own events.

The result was over 2500 registrations, more than 1100 people live (1400 attending) and a happy and satisfied audience. Collaboration and team work was the key of success

But, beyond the event results, from this experience grew more and new initiatives. As Associations, we started sharing our experience on hot topics (polls regulations, data protection laws, etc.), built a framework for comparing socioeconomical levels in the regions and the organization of other smaller events.

Learn more about Urpi Torrado

Urpi Torrado
ESOMAR Representative, CEO at Datum International, Peru

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