Meet Your Student Volunteers at Congress

The student powerhouses fueling ESOMAR's supercharged Congress 2023 in Amsterdam this year.
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Date 1 September 2023
Author Monique Johnson

We're amped up to introduce to you the extraordinary team of Young ESOMAR Society (YES) Student Volunteers who are all set to supercharge this year's ESOMAR Congress.

Handpicked from a sea of incredibly talented applicants, our team consists of aspiring data scientists, marketing enthusiasts, and future leaders, all united by a single passion: to make ESOMAR Congress 2023 an unforgettable experience for YOU!

⚡️Supercharged YES Student Volunteers⚡️

Get ready to meet these extraordinary individuals who make our Congress a phenomenon year after year. We couldn't do it without them, and neither could you!

  • Ana Lucia San Martin, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands

    "As a student in the University of Amsterdam currently studying Psychology, I am really interested in learning more about market research and believe that this is an amazing opportunity for me."

  • Avantika Koppar, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands

    "What draws me to the Young ESOMAR programme is the unique opportunity to gain hands-on experience in the data, research, and insights industry. In fact I have known of ESOMAR since I was very young as my mother has partaken multiple times to present her research. Ever since I have been curious to learn more about the organisation and understand its inner workings firsthand while also gaining knowledge relevant to my interests and career prospects. I look forward to contributing, learning, and networking at your global events."

  • Emilia Torres, Berlin School of Economics and Law, Germany

    "After working as an Insights intern it became clear to me that I want to keep exploring the Insights career path, as a better understanding of people's behavior and what drives them is what I am truly and naturally passionate about. I would be very excited to get closer to the young insights community to connect with peers sharing similar interests as me. Also, hearing about different perspectives and current trends within the industry will help me better shape my career path as a researcher. Also, I would be happy to contribute to the young insights community through meaningful conversations, networking with peers, and the overall organisation for such a meaningful event for lung researchers aiming to build a career in the industry, like I am."

  • Is-haaq Naeem, City University of London, UK

    "Living in global cities like Paris and London has instilled an appreciation for cultural diversity and fostered cross-cultural understanding. This invaluable experience equips me with the ability to adapt seamlessly to new environments ensuring a smooth integration into the YES program and maximising the benefits of cultural exchange. I created my own SAAS platform which displays my technical prowess and entrepreneurial spirit as well as highlighting my determination to push boundaries and pursue new challenges. I also launched a website guiding and supporting other students in their journey towards a career in Data Science and data analytics. This initiative shows my leadership and altruistic nature, empowering others with knowledge and resources to succeed in this rapidly growing field."

  • Jordan Ng, School of Oriental and African Studies, UK

    "In university I learnt that the best research is never done in isolation. I am very passionate about research but because I don't have the experience or like-minded people around me, it is difficult to forage a path. I believe being around people with a similar passion will give me a better sense of what I enjoy about research and where I want to direct my career in it. It will be an experience that I can show on my CV to show my future employees how serious I am about my job and the extent I will go to to hone my skills."

  • Marte van der Wal, University of Leiden, The Netherlands

    "As a student, any chance I get to be able to network and learn outside the walls of my university I will grab with both hands. The Student Programme is a perfect opportunity for me to feed my curiosity for data and research. I am a young and creative woman looking for opportunities everywhere I go. The YES Student Programme is one of the opportunities to learn and network at the same time, which I am looking forward to doing."

  • Megan Fan, London School of Economics, UK

    " I recently graduated from the London School of Economics with an undergraduate degree in Psychological and Behavioural Science. Over the past year, I've actively pursued opportunities to gain practical experience in the field of market research. Last summer, I engaged in an internship at IBISWorld, where I specialized in secondary market research and data analytics to update industry reports. I am currently interning at Glocalities."

  • Michelle Dark, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands

    "Growing up in a multicultural household, I got to experience Peruvian and English culture. I also attended a British school. This allowed me to grow up with a broadened mind and become interested in relevant topics that shape our lives. Attending university in the Netherlands has allowed me to investigate more on these topics and generate a solid base of knowledge, which I will be able to apply. Finally, after doing my data and research course I became very interested in how data is processed and how through statistical means you can analyze trends and reveal important data."

  • Mridul Nohani, Indian Institute of Management Rohtak, India

    "During my educational journey, I have actively sought out opportunities to gain practical exposure in the industry. Notably, I have completed internships at both Amul, a prominent FMCG brand in India, and Purple Audacity, where I honed my skills in data analysis, research methodologies, and interpretation of findings. Additionally, I have engaged in freelancing projects, which have further enriched my understanding of various data-related challenges and their practical solutions. My ongoing research paper, currently in the process of publication, showcases my commitment to delving deeper into the realm of data analysis."

  • Pamela Panida Wichiramala, Bocconi University, Italy

    "I have experiences at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Economic Leaders' Meeting 2022 and APEC Business Advisory Council (ABAC) 2022 where I had opportunities to assist government and business leaders of the region and attain protocol and conference management skills. I was a student trainee at the United Nations during the 45th meeting of the Open-ended Working Group of the Parties to the Montreal Protocol (OEWG45).

    - I work well in a team setting. Both leadership and cross-cultural teamwork skills from being a youth representative at the Hitachi Young Leaders Initiative (HYLI) 2022 in Singapore will allow me to work effectively with the ESOMAR team. 

    - I am proficient in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Thai. I can communicate with people from diverse cultures."

  • Pisey Choub, National University of Management, Cambodia

    "Because this is the chance of a lifetime to explore and learn more about the research, global data, and community insight. I have enough qualifications. I have experience related to research, I know how to work with a team, and I am flexible to deal with the problems that arise."

Through mentorship and hands-on experience, our volunteers gain invaluable insights that put them miles ahead of their peers. So, when you see our students at Congress wearing our custom designed T-shirts, graciously provided by our supporting partners Echo Market Research &, make sure you give them a high-five, or even better, snap a selfie and share it with the hashtag #ESOMARCongress2023.

Learn more about our volunteer programme and our ongoing Young ESOMAR Society (YES) initiatives below:

Monique Johnson
ESOMAR Staff, Global Content & Events Specialist at ESOMAR