Ruling by ESOMAR’s Disciplinary Committee

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Date 8 May
Author Claudio Gennaro

ESOMAR would like to inform its members and the community of the outcome of a recent disciplinary case brought before the ESOMAR Disciplinary Committee.

Case Specifications: ESOMAR received a complaint against Mr. S. Varghese concerning the recruitment of survey participants in the United States. The complaint alleges that Mr. Varghese intentionally instructed research participants to misrepresent their locations and other details to meet research requirements specified by the complainant. Evidence presented included a recorded video interview where a participant admitted to providing false information, stating that they were instructed to do so by Mr. Varghese. Additionally, participants were directed to seek payment directly from the complainant, contrary to the agreed terms.

Decision: After a thorough review of all evidence presented, ESOMAR’s Disciplinary Committee has determined that Mr. Varghese's actions constitute a breach of multiple articles of the ICC/ESOMAR International Code on Market, Opinion and Social Research and Data Analytics, including Article 7 (Transparency) and Article 9 (Professional Responsibility).

Sanction Imposed: In light of the severity of the breaches identified, ESOMAR’s Disciplinary Committee imposes the following sanction: Suspension of Mr. Varghese's ESOMAR membership for a period of 2 years, effective from the date of receipt of this ruling, with publication of this decision in accordance with ESOMAR's disclosure policies.

 We appreciate your attention to this matter and reaffirm our commitment to upholding the highest ethical standards within our industry.

Claudio Gennaro
Legal and Public Affairs Manager at ESOMAR