Remesh Launches New External Data Import Capability to Speed Analysis

Remesh, the leading AI-powered insights platform, today announced a new feature allowing customers to upload research data collected on other platforms for analysis.
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Date 6 March
Author Marina Roman Herrera

With the new data import tool, researchers can leverage Remesh’s suite of AI-powered analysis on existing survey responses and qualitative data. 

The data import functionality lets users quickly gain insights into large quantities of open-ended survey feedback. After uploading a study, researchers will get a high-level summary of their data and can then dive into a question-by-question analysis. They can access key themes, sentiment classification, summarization, and Remesh's proprietary Auto Code to uncover granular insights faster.

We built this new import feature because we heard a clear need from customers. The data import tool helps customers derive more value from existing data sets using AI and our proprietary systems. Now, researchers can analyze data faster and shift their focus to storytelling and stakeholder recommendations.

Jessica Dubin, Chief Product Officer at Remesh

 Remesh’s analysis tools combine large language models with its own semantic clustering algorithms to deliver more accurate, nuanced findings. Researchers, marketers, product managers, and other roles needing faster analysis can get access to the data import feature and the entire suite of analysis with a subscription to the Remesh platform.

Marina Roman Herrera
ESOMAR Staff, Digital Marketing Specialist at ESOMAR