Remesh Evolution: AI-Powered Insights Platform Unveils Major Updates to Satisfy Market Demand for High-Quality, Human-Centric Research

Remesh, the leading AI-powered insights platform, known for its qualitative insights at scale, announces significant enhancements to expand its platform's capabilities.
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Date 16 April
Author Marina Roman Herrera

These updates enable users to apply Remesh's technology across more research methodologies and workflows, delivering the speed, depth, and quality they rely on.

 For more than a decade, Remesh has been at the forefront of leveraging AI to empower the insights industry. Remesh has two core offerings—Live and Flex—each catering to different research needs but sharing the common goal of making rich insights more accessible.

These strategic enhancements have elevated Remesh into a more comprehensive platform. The latest advancements include on-platform audience recruitment, AI-powered analytics, and multi-language research conversations, all designed to enrich the research experience and get the best possible outcomes.

 Coinciding with IIEX, a premier market research conference, Remesh is poised to showcase these platform changes. The updates reflect Remesh's evolution to a mainstream, user-friendly software solution—with broad market applications—that takes on the heavy lifting and makes researchers' workflows more convenient.

We're at a pivotal moment as the research industry evolves. Our latest updates are thoughtfully designed to continue to integrate AI, streamlining research processes and enabling our users to access deeper insights more efficiently. Our goal is to make sophisticated research both accessible and actionable.

 Gary Ellis, CEO and Co-founder of Remesh

 AI at Its Core

AI has always been a cornerstone of Remesh. The availability of a new class of LLMs has enabled us to upscale our offering, combining the power of LLMs with the integrity of our proprietary technology. Such a powerful combination enhances our ability to address user needs and deliver innovative solutions.

Jessica Dubin, Chief Product Officer

 Beyond delivering exceptional technology, Remesh is dedicated to ensuring researchers can easily connect with the right participants for their studies. This led to a collaboration with Prolific to introduce on-platform audience recruitment into the Remesh Flex product, streamlining the participant sourcing process for an optimized research experience.

 Other Notable Updates

  1. External Data Import and Analysis: Researchers can now import external data into Remesh, benefiting from the platform's robust AI-driven analytical tools for deeper insights.

  2. Advanced AI-Analysis Tools: Remesh offers state-of-the-art AI analysis tools, including a Thematic Cluster tool for identifying overarching themes and AutoCode for applying nuanced tags to responses. The Summarize feature instantly creates summaries of large data sets, enhancing the efficiency and depth of analysis.

  3. Multi-language Conversations: Remesh is set to launch global participant recruitment and multi-language conversation capabilities, facilitated by in-platform translations, broadening the scope of research possibilities.

 A New Brand and Exciting Future

 As part of this new phase, Remesh is also launching a new website that mirrors its evolved brand identity and illustrates the potency of its AI-powered insights platform. The website is designed to offer visitors a deep dive into how Remesh can help them tackle everyday research challenges.

Looking ahead, there are many exciting developments in the pipeline.

 Remesh's core technology is the "research intelligence inside" that empowers businesses to uncover deeper insights and make data-driven decisions with unparalleled speed and precision. What was once a niche solution is now accessible to all researchers, democratizing access to advanced research capabilities and setting a new standard for the industry.


Marina Roman Herrera
ESOMAR Staff, Digital Marketing Specialist at ESOMAR