QuMind launches Sentiment Index to provide a deeper measure of customer sentiment than NPS

The emoji-grid method was designed in partnership with Dr Aiden P Gregg, from the School of Psychology at the University of Southampton, to help brands get closer to their customers
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Date 12 April 2023
Author Lucile Bergar

April 12th 2023, London UK - QuMind, the all-in-one consumer intelligence platform, today announces the launch of the QuMind Sentiment Index, a new proprietary analysis approach which offers brands a deeper understanding of their customers’ feelings than the commonly used Net Promoter Score (NPS). 

Instead, of using a numerical score, the QuMind Sentiment Index presents a grid of emojis and asks the respondent to choose the most appropriate face based on their actual experience. The emoji grid does not only reveal whether respondents have had a positive or negative experience, but how intensely they felt it. This helps a brand understand if a customer is passively unhappy or if they are likely to proactively voice their discontentment on review platforms or to other potential customers, for instance.

The emoji-grid method was devised in partnership with Dr Aiden P Gregg, from the School of Psychology at the University of Southampton. For brands, it provides a deeper understanding of the underlying emotional drivers of their customers, while respondents have a more accessible and intuitive experience than with language-based surveys.

A previous use case revealed the QuMind Sentiment Index to be more accurate in predicting the future booking behaviour of airline travellers than NPS. The case study surveyed 500 UK adults and asked them to reflect on their experience with the airline and then whether they had booked with the airline since. The QuMind Sentiment Index was able to predict 37% of re-bookings compared to NPS, which only predicted 22% of re-bookings.

For too long brands have taken a very two-dimensional view of customer sentiment. Yet as consumers, we all know that there’s a big difference between the types of passive negative experiences that might frustrate us in the moment, and those that lead us to leave bad reviews, take to social media, or make the decision to never engage with the brand again. Brands need richer insights into customer sentiment and our proprietary, successfully tested, and scientifically validated approach does just that. It is an important step forward in our mission of enabling true customer closeness.

Mark Ursell, CEO at QuMind

The QuMind Sentiment Index is available on QuMind’s all-in-one consumer insights platform, which combines quantitative and qualitative research, with branded customer communities. It offers a replicable and scalable research model for insights leaders, while delivering pulse and real-time results via the interactive dashboard.


About QuMind
QuMind is an all-in-one customer insights platform that offers continuous intelligence into customers’ wants, needs and behaviours – through providing a platform with all the qualitative, quantitative and data analytics tools in one place, connected to 145 million consumers worldwide – enabling organisations to put the consumer at the heart of every action they take. With over 20 years of research tech experience, QuMind will not only change the way you see your customers, but will change the way they see you.

For more information, visit www.QuMind.co.uk.


Lucile Bergar
ESOMAR Staff, Marketing Manager at ESOMAR