President’s Report – February 2024

The latest Council meeting was held via Teams on 21 February 2024 and covered a wide range of topics.
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Date 26 February
Author Ray Poynter

The latest Council meeting was held via Teams on 21 February 2024 and covered a wide range of topics.

Judith Passingham (Chair of the Professional Standards Committee) and Xabier Palacio (Head of the GAPS/EIU department) updated the Council about the ICC/ESOMAR Code. This code is the cornerstone of ESOMAR’s offer to the insights and research industry and is adopted/endorsed by more than 60 research associations. The code is being updated in conjunction with the ICC (International Chamber of Commerce). The plan is to have a new code finished by the end of 2024.

The Council appointed three new national representatives. There were two candidates from the USA (Sandy Casey and Marybeth Andrews) and one from France (Celine Astruc).

Tom De Ruyck updated the Council on the work of the Governance Review Group. The next set of changes to how ESOMAR operates will be presented to a General Meeting of ESOMAR on 27 June. The accounts for 2023 will also be presented at this General Meeting. One of the key topics that the Group is looking at is the length of term of the President and Council.

The review of the Governance of ESOMAR has highlighted that there is a technical issue in terms of the link between the Council (which is part of the ESOMAR Association) and ESOMAR BV (a legal entity owned by ESOMAR Association, which delivers most of the services and is responsible for trading and tax). The Council adopted a list of topics that will formally require the approval of the Council before the board of ESOMAR BV can make a decision.

The Council has been informed that the current term of office for this Council will finish at the end of March 2025, and not at the end of 2024 as previously anticipated. This is a consequence of the Statutes specifying the term of office being two years.

GAPS and the AEC (the Associations Executive Committee) sent an updated draft of the ESOMAR/Associations Partnership agreement to the Council for discussion. The new template Partnership Agreement was adopted by the Council. ESOMAR has over 60 partnerships with other Associations, and the new Partnership Agreement will be the basis of ongoing partnerships.

Marcel Dekker, the Chief Services Officer, presented a financial update to the Council, providing an overview of the 2023 accounts (which will be audited shortly) and the January update to the 2024 accounts. The audited 2023 accounts will be presented at the General Meeting in June.

Jean-Marc Leger, Martha Llobet and Kristin Luck reported on the progress that has been made in terms of the CEO initiative. A webinar with Ben Page has been scheduled,

along with CEO events in New York in March and at the ESOMAR Congress in Athens in September.

The next Council meeting will be one of our four face-to-face meetings and will be held in Amsterdam, on 18 and 19 March.

Other Activities
As well as engaging in Council-related duties and activities, I presented (via teams) to the Finnish Research Association (a scenario picture of AI and the insights industry) and I gave a presentation at the ESOMAR AI Tools event (where I looked at how buyers should assess new AI tools).