Partnering to Elevate Insight250

Leading global market research association, ESOMAR, and industry-leading insight technology provider, mTab, team-up to elevate the impact of Insight250 awards.
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Date 6 October 2021
Author Kim Smouter
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The inaugural Insight250 list was revealed on April 19, 2021, featuring leaders, innovators, visionaries and pioneers focused on elevating and enhancing market research, consumer intelligence and data-driven marketing. The inaugural winners came from over three dozen countries across academia, enterprises, agencies, charities and associations. To date, the list has received tremendous industry acclaim with over 20 million impressions.

To further elevate the exposure and expand the reach of the Insight250, ESOMAR, the global voice of the data, research and insight community since 1947, and mTab, a pioneering leader in market research technology since 1987, are proud to announce that they are partnering together. ESOMAR and mTab are committed to making the Insight250 the global standard and ensuring the awards are diverse, representative, robust and transparent. Nominations for the 2022 Insight250 officially open on October 18 at

We started the Insight250 to celebrate exceptional individuals around the world who are elevating the insights and research industries across the academic, enterprise, agency, technology, consulting, media and methodology realms. In order to enhance and expand the Insight250, we knew we needed a partner with impeccable industry credibility and genuine worldwide reach. This is why ESOMAR is the ideal partner to help us take the Insight250 to the next level.

Mark Langsfeld, CEO of mTab and Chairman of Insight250

ESOMAR will play a major role in the nomination, selection and announcement processes for the Insight250 honour. These processes will include the participation of ESOMAR representatives, including its country representatives from around the world. In addition, both mTab and ESOMAR hope to include winners or honorees from all existing award categories, to ensure a truly global representation of our community’s “glitterati.”

“I am in a unique position to see the incredible impact both ESOMAR and mTab have on the market research industry. The Insight250 is a fantastic initiative that has united researchers and data-driven professionals from around the world. With its global reach, ESOMAR is the ideal partner for Insights250 as we continue to elevate and celebrate the accomplishments of so many exceptional individuals.”

Kristin Luck, President of ESOMAR and mTab Board Member

“I was personally thrilled when I first learned of mTab’s intention to compile this global compendium of our sector’s “fairest and finest” and I am now very honored and excited to have ESOMAR as an instrumental part of the Insight250. This is a fantastic way to celebrate the achievements and innovations across the research world and to ensure that the “superheroes” of our worldwide community gain the recognition they deserve; this can only serve to make our profession even stronger.”

Finn Raben, Director General of ESOMAR

The Insight250 nomination process will reopen in Q4 of 2021. To see the complete current list of winners visit and for the latest news and updates follow Insight250 on Linkedin and Twitter.

About the Partners


The Insight250 is the worldwide ‘who’s who’ of leaders and pioneers of insight innovations across market research, data-driven marketing, consumer insight and data intelligence. Sponsored by mTab, the selection process is overseen by a panel of insight, marketing and research professionals. Winners are selected based upon an extensive array of professional dimensions. To see the complete list visit Many of the winners are featured in the ESOMAR’s Research World series ‘Insights from the Insight250.’  


mTab is a leading provider of data-driven customer intelligence and market research solutions. The mTab Insight Cloud platform, awarded Best Data Solution by Market Research Society, empowers hundreds of brands with seamless access to explore, analyze, visualize and unlock the value of insights data. On the Insight Cloud, companies unite siloed data and access and securely share governed information, delivering enhanced understanding to empower decisions and deliver exceptional experiences.


ESOMAR champions the research, insights and analytics sector worldwide.

Founded in 1947, the global membership association is a network reaching over 50,000 professionals and 750+ companies in 130+ countries. We support our global community through raising ethical standards, facilitating education, advocating with legislators, sharing best practices, promoting evidence-based solutions for decision-makers, and ensuring the values of honesty, transparency and objectivity are applied to all data sources.

Kim Smouter
ESOMAR Committee Member, Chair of ESOMAR's Legal Affairs Committee at ENAR