Six papers nominated for the ESOMAR Congress 2023 - Best Paper Award

Winning paper to be announced in Amsterdam on 13 September
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Date 31 July 2023
Author Rhiannon Bryant

Every year, the community of experts in data analysis, insights, and analytics showcases some of the most fascinating and thought-provoking projects from around the world. These projects are presented through inspiring papers and captivating presentations covering various themes. To acknowledge outstanding contributions to the community, we present a series of awards, including the highly-coveted ESOMAR Congress Best Paper Award.

Prior to the start of the Congress, the Programme Committee nominates their top three papers for this award. From there, the committee collectively chooses the winner based solely on the written paper, before they have even presented their work.

The Programme Committee has nominated the following six papers for the ESOMAR Congress - Best Paper Award 2023

Uncovering the Human Voice For Deep Insights     

Case Study
Transforming online conversations into actionable insights with emotional drivers such as Brand Love
Bernard Brenner, Microsoft, USA
Jasmin Fischer, SHARE Creative, UK

Virtual Frontiers

Industry Challenge
Assessing the potential of the metaverse for qualitative research
Faye Soares, Dow Jones, UK
Rupert Sinclair, Kadence International, UK

Creating the Beauty Insights that Move Africa

Methodological Innovation
AfriLab: How mobile digital communities are co-creating the future of beauty experiences across the continent
Kambe Mwaba, L'Oréal, South Africa
Christine Laurenssen, MDI (Mobile Digital Insights), South Africa

The Death of the Debrief

Case Study 
If empathy is at the heart of good research practice, why are we still presenting insights in PowerPoint?
Chris Moschos, Lion, Australia
Andrew Therkelsen, The Lab, Australia

"My Sex, My Way!"

Case Study 
Driving meaningful engagement with the LGBTQ+ community
Tania Page, Toluna / Harris Interactive, UK
Oana Stroie Reckitt, UK

The Metaverse as a Research Laboratory

Case Study
Leveraging virtual worlds to harness the power of human insights
Alejandro Prieto, The Coca-Cola Company, Mexico
Larissa Aieta, The Coca-Cola Company, Brazil
Rodrigo Alagon, Estadistica Aplicada e Investigacion de Mercados SC, Mexico

The winning paper will be announced on Wednesday, 13 September, at 13:50 during the closing of the 2023 Congress in Amsterdam.

The authors will receive a prize of €1,000, and their paper will automatically be nominated for the Best Paper of the Year award in 2024.

Find more details about the award and past winners below

Rhiannon Bryant
ESOMAR Staff, Head of Global Content & Events at ESOMAR