New Snack50 Research Report Reveals Why Consumers Are Embracing or Avoiding Top Snack and Confection Brands

Alpha-Diver today announced the preview findings of the latest Snack50 Report, providing insights into the foundational motivations driving consumer behavior toward the top 50 snack and confection brands in the marketplace.
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Date 14 May
Author Marina Roman Herrera

Fueled by the unique Psych Pulse database of over 45,000 records and dating back to 2019, the report reveals:

  • Why consumers are approaching or avoiding particular snack categories and brands

  • What's driving or hindering marketing programs in the minds of consumers and shoppers

  • Which marketing levers brands can amplify, change, or have yet to leverage

    This new research helps us understand consumer sentiment at a large scale. The Psych Pulse database comprises over 45,000 records dating back to 2018. This resource provides a powerful longitudinal view of consumer decision making and behavior.

    Hunter Thurman, Founder of Alpha-Diver

    Among the key findings, the report shows consumer price concerns are up 30% from pre- pandemic levels and 12% in just the past year alone. As a result, the marketplace has shifted to an avoidance mindset, weighing price more heavily. Notably, the top six rated snack brands are now private label store brands from major retailers.

    However, high emotion surrounds the switch to store brands as consumers evaluate if they are truly a better choice. Beyond price, factors like the desire for new sensory experiences in snacking (up 3.6% vs 2023) are influencing purchase decisions.

    National snack brands are at an inflection point. They need to quickly and consistently demonstrate value based on these core emotional factors to ward off the private label threat.

    Hunter Thurman, Founder of Alpha-Diver

    The Snack50 Report dives deeper into:

  • Purchase behavior trends for the next 1-2 years

  • Performance positioning of the top 50 snack brands and categories

  • How brands can drive interest and purchase in the real world

Marina Roman Herrera
ESOMAR Staff, Digital Marketing Specialist at ESOMAR