Mumbu awarded National Reps Award

Serge Mumbu, National Representative for Democratic Republic of Congo, is awarded for his efforts to promote ESOMAR in Africa's emerging markets. Discover how he reacts to being granted a prize.
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Date 1 December 2021
Author Serge Mumbu

Serge Mumbu is amongst the recipients of the 2021 National Reps Award, one of your most active ESOMAR representative in the African sub-Sahara. He was recognised for being a beacon building bridges in Africa.

As a result, his actions inspired the jury to grant him the prize for his accomplishments activating the African insights and analytics community and to demonstrate the potential of the continent to be a leading innovator. He is also a regular ambassador of your community in front of businesses and the media in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

I was really surprised by the recognition from ESOMAR. I always promote ESOMAR activities related to Africa on my own social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, and others), and it’s automatically shared by our company pages (TARGET SARL).

 Furthermore, I especially thank the TARGET team and ESOMAR staff (Finn Raben, Marie Agnes Mourot de Lathyle, Stella Otselu Ayemoba, Kim Smouter, …). I always enjoy working together to promote our industry.

 Democratic Republic of Congo (DR Congo) is a French country, and we think it’s also essential to promote French content related to ESOMAR, especially for young students and junior researchers. We expect to plan within the 12 next month’s Market research and ESOMAR presentations in significant universities in DR Congo to attract more young people to the industry. The other big challenge will be to convince more local researchers of the benefits of becoming ESOMAR members and having a local association. I expect the new affordable price of membership will help us to have more members in DR Congo.    

Serge Mumbu, National Rep 2021 Award Recipient

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Serge Mumbu
ESOMAR Representative, General Manager at Target SARL