Call for Speakers for ESOMAR Latin America 2023

Submit to shine on stage for our upcoming event the 23rd to 25th April, 2023 in Mexico City.
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Date 16 September
Author Monique Johnson

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Calling on the best and brightest of Latin America to showcase your talent in Mexico City, inspiration to Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera, site of ancient the Aztec city of Tenochtitlan, and future home of ESOMAR LATAM 2023!

 Submit your stories and case studies demonstrating the latest achievements in Latin American research and help us create an insights revolution!

Don't miss the key milestones!

  • Deadline to submit:  28 October

  • Programme published: 19 December

  • Written papers deadline: 20 February

  • Presentations deadline: 24 March

  • Speak Live in Mexico: 23 -25 April


This year we are celebrating the 25th in-person ESOMAR LATAM event since its first occurrence in 1991. That’s over 30 years of uniting the research industry’s highest pillars of excellence in the region!

Thinking ahead, we turn to business insights, innovative methodologies, data-driven strategies, customer-centric approaches, and the tech-tools to forecast the trends of the future and beyond.

What we are looking for...

What’s New?

Consider all that has happened in the last 3 years since we last connected. What opportunities could only exist now, and what new skills have we developed? How are leading brands rethinking and restructuring to meet consumer needs?

Enlighten us with your stories about:

  • What shifts in consumer behaviours have been fueled by current events, i.e. the pandemics, inflation, and other notable events in the region?

  • Latin America is one of the world’s fastest-growing e-commerce markets; what new spheres of research are being discovered?

  • What will be the role of market research in the financial sector? Are there any interesting case studies?

  • How are companies coping with the demand to exercise social responsibility amidst great challenges?

  • What tools are we using to understand digital environments, and how are we analysing the data?

What’s Needed?

What are the top priorities? What is vital? What can be done to amplify the value of research in the region?

In 2023 we invite you to discuss:

  • Re-fuelling the insights engine: from finding new stories in existing data to making research actionable.

  • Shifting the focus back to quality and preserving the integrity of data and your respondents.

  • How can we embrace elements of agility, innovation, and flexibility as not only a means to survive but to thrive?

  • Modernising proven techniques to create new and innovative approaches.

  • Are we really considering diverse perspectives? What’s critical towards creating empathetic practices that increase inclusivity and truly understand consumers?

  • What compelling case studies can we discuss connecting insights to B2B research and competitive intelligence?

  • How can we inspire younger practitioners to gain the necessary skills to become competitive (and to improve the overall competitive advantage of Latin American companies and agencies)?

 What’s Next?

What does the future have in store for Latin American insights? With a rise in uncertainty exacerbated by the lasting effects of Covid 19 and the looming threat of global economic crisis, how will the industry prepare and make use of recent technological advances?

What is the next big thing? What will your clients expect from us, and why is it more important than ever to secure the role of research for the future?

  • What role could the metaverse have in helping tackle the challenges faced by brands in the region?

  • How are we enhancing the experience of augmented reality and virtual “try-before-you-buy” features?

  • Revolutionising the methods used to interact with and interpret data and analytics using AI and machine learning.

  • What tools, techniques, and technologies show the greatest potential for tomorrow’s human insights?

  • Predicting patterns and identifying future trends that will shape the region.

  • Will UX/CX prove to be the biggest growth opportunities for Qualitative research?

  • How do we address the growing need for sustainability practices while balancing the pressure to cut costs?

Share your tale of Latin American excellence in research by 28 October!


Your organising committee:

  • Gabriela Alcala, Director of Analysis, MARES, Mexico (ESOMAR Rep) 

  • Alejandro Salgado-Montejo PhD, Co-Founder, Atrianna, Colombia

  • Patricio Pagani, Co-Founder, The Black Puma Ai, Argentina

  • Thyago Simões, CX Research Coordinator, Itaú Unibanco, Brazil

  • Pilar Bermudez Nunez, Country Manager, Kantar, Peru

  • Begonia Fafian, LATAM Human Insights Senior & Alejandro Prieto, Consumer and Shopper Insights Director LATAM, Coca-Cola Company, Mexico


Monique Johnson
ESOMAR Staff, Global Content & Events Specialist at ESOMAR