iVisual launches AI platform for branding and packaging

iVisual launches unique AI software for brands and packaging. Industry leaders Athena Graphics and One Inch Whale are stepping into the capital.
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Date 23 February
Author Marina Roman Herrera

In a groundbreaking moment for the branding and packaging industry, iVisual announces the launch of their branding & packaging intelligence technology. This innovative software transforms the way companies develop branding and packaging. It integrates the patented scientific Color Passport System with the latest AI applications.

 iVisual Packaging Intelligence: a revolutionary step forward

 iVisual is the first design-tech company to scientifically underpin the visual identity, colours and design semantics of a brand, product or packaging and fully digitise this process.

In this, iVisual represents an industry paradigm shift by automating, optimising and objectifying the entire branding and packaging development process.

This technological leap enables companies to develop effective brands and packaging that are even better aligned with consumer behaviour with unparalleled speed and precision. In doing so, it fully exploits the potential of advanced AI and predictive intelligence.

 The iVisual Framework combines patented colour science (Color Passport), design semantics and predictive intelligence to anticipate how consumers will perceive a design and make decisions in the first three to five seconds. This knowledge will be made available to all brands and agencies through the iVisual platform.

With the launch of iVisual branding & packaging intelligence, the company is revolutionising the way brands and products present themselves and appeal to consumers.

 Athena Graphics and One Inch Whale: partners in innovation

Athena Graphics, headquartered in Roeselare (Belgium), and One Inch Whale, headquartered in Hasselt (Belgium), are stepping into the capital of Antwerp-based iVisual. These investments mark an important milestone in supporting iVisual's entire value chain and further internationalisation.

Athena Graphics adds expertise as a design-to-print company where it is already an indispensable link between brand owners, design agencies and printing companies today. One Inch Whale is a leading market research firm specialising in strategic innovation in the marketing and insights industry. Both parties work for global players such as Danone, Heineken, Bose, Panasonic, Lotus, Drylock and Agristo.

 Julie Dumoulin: appointed as new CEO

As founder of Opinry, a start-up in packaging AI, she brings extensive experience in technology and start-ups to iVisual. As CEO and shareholder, she strives to transform iVisual from a service provider to a technology company. Her great ambition is reflected in her determination to bring Generative AI to the industry and position iVisual as a forerunner in technology innovation for future growth and success.

We are incredibly excited about the launch of iVisual technology and its potential to rewrite branding and packaging development standards. The involvement of Athena Graphics and One Inch Whale strengthens our ability to support the entire value chain. We will soon start testing our first prototype with a few selected agencies and brands. Interested in co-creation? There is still a spot available. Keep an eye on us, because we are coming!

Julie Dumoulin, CEO iVisual 

One Inch Whale sees great potential in the collaboration with iVisual. The investment is in line with our strategy where we want to maximise the use of existing data and knowledge before conducting consumer research. Moreover, the iVisual platform is a perfect complement to our current services enabling us to make concrete design recommendations regarding brand and packaging. This is invaluable for our customers.

Wim Hamaekers, Managing partner One Inch Whale

Athena Graphics is delighted to be part of this revolutionary move. By investing in iVisual, we underline our commitment to innovation beyond artwork and prepress. We are ambitiously looking ahead and believe very strongly in this partnership with impact in the packaging industry.

 Ignace Cosaert, CEO Athena Graphics Group

Marina Roman Herrera
ESOMAR Staff, Digital Marketing Specialist at ESOMAR