Ipsos launches InnoExplorer, a generative AI-powered suite to accelerate innovation cycles

Ipsos, one of the world’s leading market research companies, powers its suite of innovation solutions with generative AI, enhancing the speed and success rate of innovations.
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Date 29 February
Author Marina Roman Herrera

As part of Ipsos’ journey to augment every stage of the product lifecycle with artificial intelligence, Ipsos is pleased to launch InnoExplorer, a game-changing capability, which has been proven to accelerate innovation cycles from months to days and improve success rates with +9% higher trial potential for new concepts and +10% higher overall liking for new products. 

With the power of generative and analytical AI, InnoExplorer enables business leaders, marketers, and research professionals to quickly generate new ideas, concepts, products, and packages, directly from consumers’ unmet needs and accurately predict their potential. 

Grounded in Ipsos’ high-quality data sets, prompt engineering and data science, InnoExplorer represents a new frontier in innovation development – where clients can bring more curiosity, creativity and rigor into their innovation process with the confidence to go further.

Virginia Weil, Ipsos’ Global Service Line Leader for Innovation & Product Development

Given the critical role that data plays in training AI models, InnoExplorer is built on unique generative and analytical AI models designed to continuously reflect consumers’ evolving expectations, with: 

· High-quality data sets from Ipsos’ vast consumer databases of 150,000+ concepts and 6+ million verbatims. 

· Authentic consumer data that is relevant to the product category, representative of the target audience and traceable to avoid hallucinations.  

· Tailored prompts, engineered with over 40 years of innovation know-how at every stage of product development. 

 The solution is readily available in over 90 markets worldwide, with plans for further product enhancements through an agile platform.  

Marina Roman Herrera
ESOMAR Staff, Digital Marketing Specialist at ESOMAR