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Date 3 June
Author Iliya Hull

The importance of C-level talent to success

"...leading organisations can sometimes be pretty relentless and not always enjoyable. Leading in downturns and international crises is obviously particularly challenging and stressful – you need to keep everyone’s spirits up as well as your own, however, you might feel yourself."
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The paradox of insights tech

Two of the challenges we commonly hear about from insights teams are 1) that they’re outnumbered by stakeholder requests and 2) that it’s often difficult to find research/insights that they know exist. 
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Translating a feeling of happiness and wellbeing into brand success

A discussion with Danone Waters & Aquadrinks, Colgate-Palmolive, Mondelēz and buzzback reveals what makes consumers happy and how brands can meet their needs.
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Reduction of response biases in online surveys

Response biases that cause differences between reported and actual values can be reduced by various measures. However, these are associated with advantages and disadvantages.
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The growing role of data science

“For me, ‘data science,’ as a field, uses statistics and programming to extract patterns and understanding from data. It does this at scale and often to support a ‘data product’ which leverages the methodologies designed and implemented by data scientists to provide end-users (people and machines) with insights or direction.”
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Iliya Hull
ESOMAR Staff, Senior Marketing and Community Coordinator at ESOMAR