Fang and Zhang awarded National Reps Award

Cici Fang and Gloria Jun Zhang, National Representatives for China, are awarded for their efforts to digitally adapt our offering for the local Chinese ESOMAR community. Discover how they react to being granted a prize.
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ESOMAR China members standing for a group photo
Date 6 December 2021
Author Cici Fang

Read the acknowledgement from your ESOMAR national representatives from China and discover how they spread ESOMAR digitally in their market.

ESOMAR is a worldwide community to facilitate communication among professionals. Gloria and I hope to accomplish connection, share and growth in this community. As the representative of ESOMAR in China, in order to enhance the communication among Chinese members and effectively release ESOMAR related information and activities, Gloria and I established the ESOMAR WeChat group in 2021. Why WeChat? Because WeChat is the most popular social software in China, with 1 billion WeChat users.

In the “ESOMAR China” WeChat group, we hold a “Company Show” program by inviting ESOMAR members holding a one-week session, to introduce and publicize their company's business, growth, thinking and feelings. Beyond online discussion on the industry, Gloria and I have also sent invitations in the WeChat group to organize a small ESOMAR meet-and-greet in a Shanghai coffee shop Common in 2021 as the COVID-19 situation in China improved. We had around 20 members join the meeting.

It was really excited to meet in person. It makes all the members feel very closed. During the meeting, we also discussed and set the main topic of International Market Research Day (IMRD) activities. Gloria and Cici will continue to combine online and offline to do some topic sharing and discussion and will also invite members and practitioners outside of China to establish more communication connections in the future.

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Cici Fang
ESOMAR Representative, Director GSP APAC & Asia Business Development at Dynata
Gloria Jun Zhang
ESOMAR Representative, CEO at Beijing Dataway Horizon Co

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Cici Fang
ESOMAR Representative, Director GSP APAC & Asia Business Development at Dynata