ESOMAR Welcomes Esteemed Industry Leader as Representative for the French Market

ESOMAR proudly introduces Jennifer Picard as the Representative for France, reinforcing our dedication to global industry excellence and ethical standards.
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Date 26 April
Author Maya Bachar

ESOMAR proudly introduces the latest addition to our esteemed team of Representatives, marking a significant stride in our ongoing dedication to advancing industry excellence and upholding ethical standards worldwide.

Meet our new ESOMAR Representative, Jennifer Picard. 

With nearly two decades of experience in the dynamic realm of insights, Jennifer is driven by a profound curiosity and a relentless commitment to fostering human-centric transformation in global organizations. Recognized for her innovation and marketing research methodologies, she earned the Social Intelligence Insider 50 award in 2022. 

Her journey through the world of insights has been diverse, spanning roles in consultancy boutiques like Occurrence and larger agencies such as Ipsos, as well as engagements on the martech side with Linkfluence. Transitioning to client-side leadership, she has shaped strategic initiatives at renowned companies like Moët Hennessy and Pernod Ricard, and currently, she is embarking on a new chapter as the leader of Global Insights Transformation at Sanofi Consumer Healthcare.

Motivated by a deep-seated belief in collective intelligence and a passion for shaping tomorrow's world, Jennifer is compelled to serve as an ESOMAR Representative. Her mission is to foster knowledge sharing, bridge generations of professionals, and champion the evolution of the field amidst rapid change. Through ESOMAR's global network, she aims to elevate the profile of insights professionals and showcase the profession's adaptability and innovation.

ESOMAR proudly introduces Jennifer as our new Representative, reaffirming our commitment to global collaboration and knowledge exchange in market research.

Maya Bachar
ESOMAR Staff, Community Coordinator at ESOMAR