ESOMAR statement on Ukraine/Russia Armed Conflict

ESOMAR addresses its membership community confirming our commitment to peace and solidarity, and unity around the values of the ICC/ESOMAR Code.
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Kristin Luck in an interview with a male speaker
Date 3 March 2022
Author Kristin Luck

Last week, ESOMAR published a statement and contacted privately our members in Ukraine in response to the unfolding crisis in Ukraine, adding yet another armed conflict in a world that needed none. The world awoke to the shocking and heartbreaking news that Ukraine was facing a so-called military intervention originating from neighbouring Russia. What we all feared may happen, has happened. ESOMAR as a global community stands against all armed conflicts regardless of where they take place. It is in opposition to all that we stand for.

We are deeply concerned about what the future holds for Ukraine’s insights and analytics professionals and their country.

As the global business community for insights and analytics, we underline how invaluable our Ukrainian community is and how incredible contributors they are to the ESOMAR community and to the betterment of societies. Our Ukrainian peers are in our thoughts. We are hopeful that they, and their families, are safe and that this will continue to be the case as this crisis unfolds. We stand with them in this difficult time and wish to express to them our solidarity in the face of such uncertainty.

The ESOMAR community is mobilised and stands ready to support the Ukrainian insights and analytics community in any way that may be appropriate and possible. Through our ESOMAR Foundation facilities, the Researchers in Need Programme was created precisely for these circumstances. We invite insights professionals to consider making a donation to the Programme to help ensure we can continue to support any and all insights professional worldwide who may need support. Whilst our ability to impact change in Ukraine is limited, we want the Ukrainian community to be certain that you are not alone. As valued ESOMAR members, you are and will always be seen.

Accordingly, the ESOMAR Foundation and ESOMAR have confirmed that all Ukrainian insights and analytics professionals are eligible for support under the Researchers in Need Programme. If the global community can support our peers in any way, then please reach out to us through whatever means you still can use by contacting ESOMAR directly. All financial and logistics means are immediately available to the Ukraine insights and analytics community for these purposes. We will do everything from our side to facilitate access to any support required.

To our Ukrainian peers and on behalf of your friends, colleague, and business community, stay strong, stay safe, and take comfort in knowing that we stand with you from far.

Kristin Luck
ESOMAR Council Member, Ex-Officio at ESOMAR, Founder and Managing Partner at Scalehouse