ESOMAR Refocuses Membership Efforts in USA and Canada

Meet Your North American ESOMAR Team
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Date 7 March 2022
Author Tracy O'Clair

As part of ESOMAR’s mission to develop membership and strengthen partnerships in the North American region, we have restructured our team of representatives and hired a new membership development director. 

These outstanding market research and insights professionals will lead ESOMAR’s efforts in the United States and Canada and prepare for the 2022 Congress in Toronto

If you have any questions, please email Bob Birdsell at

Bob Birdsell, ESOMAR’s North American Membership Development Director

Bob joins ESOMAR as the first North American Membership Development Director responsible for nurturing member relations and growing membership in the United States and Canada. In his former role at ISACA, an international professional association focused on IS audit, assurance, security and governance, Bob implemented and developed membership growth and retention strategies and enhanced member experience and value. With over fifteen years of membership experience in the non-profit sector, Bob brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in developing international partnerships.

For more information about ESOMAR’s membership or services, please email Bob Birdsell at

Jean-Marc Leger, Founding President (CEO), Leger (CA)

Jean-Marc is an economist who founded Leger in 1986 with his father, Marcel Leger. Under his leadership, the company has become the largest Canadian-owned market research and analytics company, with more than 600 employees in its eight offices in Canada (Montreal, Quebec City, Toronto, Winnipeg, Edmonton, Calgary, and Vancouver) and the United States (Philadelphia). In recent years, the company has made a major technological shift with 11 acquisitions (including Ressac, a digital agency), the creation of the Leger Analytics (LEA) division, and the development of the largest proprietary panel in Canada, Leger Opinion (LEO). Learn more about Jean-Marc here

Joanne Robbibaro. SVP, General Manager, LRW, A Material Company (USA)

Joanne leads quantitative operations at LRW, a Material Company composed of Global Data Collection and Integrated Programming Services (IPS) teams. In her role, she drives the company’s quantitative and qualitative operations. She is an expert in all data collection methods, including state-of-the-art automated approaches and digital data. Learn more about Joanne here

Rob Berger, EVP, Global Quantitative, Schlesinger Group (CA)

Rob is a leading industry expert in online sampling and insight communities with more than 25 years in marketing research. He leads Schlesinger Group’s global quantitative strategy to ensure excellence across our vast global proprietary panels, advanced programmatic capabilities, and a world-class team of survey programmers, data scientists, and project managers. Learn more about Rob here

Dan Fleetwood, President, Research & Insights Platform, QuestionPro (USA)

Dan Fleetwood is President of Research and Insights at QuestionPro, one of the industry's leading providers of web-based research technologies. As President of Research and Insights, he plays a key role in defining the research technology and innovation that QuestionPro provides to be a leader in the research insights technology industry. He has 15+ years of market research experience and is passionate about software's role in helping businesses. Dan believes that software can help companies get better feedback, uncover actionable insights, and ultimately develop better products and services. 

Dana Kim, CEO, Highlight (USA)

Dana Kim is a first-generation American born in New York who joined ESOMAR in 2020. Dana co-founded Highlight, an agile product testing platform that leverages automation and technology to execute in-home usage tests better. In addition, highlight’s platform collects quantitative and qualitative feedback for brands like Nestle. Learn more about Dana here.

Tracy O'Clair
Tracy O’Calir, President at TOCMedia