ESOMAR launches Tech & Trends Thursdays

ESOMAR improves its webinar offering adopting a thematic day focussed on new tech and new industry trends.
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Date 27 January 2022
Author Alfonso Regalado

We have listened to you; in times of virtual fatigue and "infobesity", you need to be more selective in your content digest. That is why ESOMAR presents 'Tech & Trends Thursday'. We have redesigned our selective sponsored webcasts for 2022 to broadcast them only twice per month!

We kick off this initiative today, Thursday 27 January, for the following webinars from Entropik Tech and Audiense:

One-Stop Solution for Actionable Consumer Research 14:00 CET

Emotion AI technology enables researchers to quantify consumers' emotion, attention, and engagement levels by capturing and analysing their micro facial expressions, eye gaze movements, and voice tonality. Do you want to learn more?

The Secret to Insight Success: 'Jobs' 15:30 CET

In a world where insights teams often struggle to live up to unclear expectations, David Boyle, Director of Audience Strategies at Audiense, will draw on practical examples from working with pop stars, power brands and presidents to give you the secret to success.

ESOMAR hopes that you join us twice a month on Thursdays to explore and learn the latest Tech Trends from today onwards.

Alfonso Regalado
ESOMAR Staff, Senior Creative Producer (Content & Events) at ESOMAR