ESOMAR Latin America ends, leaving only satisfaction behind

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Date 26 April
Author Xabier Palacio

The magic of insights has come to an end. As the ESOMAR’s Latin American Conference draws to a close, that magic, instead of vanishing, is being brought home by each and every delegate. Mexico has been a wonderful host to an event that has gathered several hundred people on-site and online. The projection of the region through this event will continue to echo over time as attendees and delegates process the inputs they absorbed at the conference. 

Some exhibitors showed their new branding, such as Netquest, which provided one of the most popular eye-catchers at the cocktail party through a revolving slo-mo camera experience. While some delegates gave it all on the dance floor, others showed their MCU moves in front of the camera. But for everyone, falling asleep proved to be the biggest challenge.  

But this crowd filled the room on the last day as I walked the stage to present a potential solution to maintaining revenue in the face of increasing uncertainty, unknown technological impact and unpredictable disruption. If you missed it, you can always compensate for this loss by attending ESOMAR Latin America 2024 in… (ah, you thought I’d spoil the surprise?). 

ESOMAR continued its role as a global connector by bringing together delegates from several associations, not only akin to ESOMAR, but in parallel-yet-related industries. It was amazing to see just how quickly everyone realised the potential synergies that collaboration could bring . Face-to-face events, after all, provide a unique way to strengthen connections and find new partners. In this case, ESOMAR did not take a second to rest in its endeavour.  

We have seen it all in these last few days. The camaraderie that exists between the most diverse groups of professionals, all with the same eagerness to learn, to get to know each other and to connect. The engagement that each delegate showed elevated the overall experience of the event. The presentations from the region’s most brilliant professionals . So much has happened on this 25th anniversary of our regional conference that it would take a book to unpack. As we close the 2023 event, we look forward to meeting our friends at the 2024 edition. 

Xabier Palacio
ESOMAR Staff, Senior Manager Intelligence Unit at ESOMAR