ESOMAR is proud to announce the appointment of four distinguished professionals as new representatives

These appointments reinforce our commitment to promoting industry excellence and ethical standards on an international scale.
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Date 12 March
Author Maya Bachar

Meet the New ESOMAR Representatives:

Celine Astruc, representing France

  • Background: With over 20 years of experience at Renault Group, Celine is an Expert in Customer Insight driving transformation within the Customer & Market Intelligence department to enhance business value. Possessing a Ph.D. in Sensory Analysis, she brings a blend of insights, data science, and leadership skills, making them an ideal candidate to contribute to ESOMAR's global initiatives.

  • Motivation: In a rapidly evolving market research landscape, Celine recognizes the emergence of genAI as a significant change and sees it as an opportunity rather than a threat. With a belief in augmenting human intelligence through artificial intelligence, she envisions a promising future for market research. Having actively participated in Insights Hub over the past two years, Celine values the benefits of collaboration, benchmarks, and exchange of ideas, and is eager to continue this journey by contributing to ESOMAR's global initiatives and fostering collaboration with suppliers.

Marybeth Andrews, representing the U.S

  • Background: Marybeth is a seasoned researcher at McDonald’s, passionate about uncovering insights that connect human truths with business implications. With diverse experience spanning non-profit to for-profit sectors and roles across the supply and brand sides, she brings a wealth of expertise to her current role as the Global Foresight and Capabilities Manager and Global Insights Capabilities Lead. Over her five-year tenure at McDonald’s, Marybeth has excelled in transforming mindsets around human insights and fostering strong global partnerships, while also specializing in integrating the voice of the customer through Social Listening to enhance campaign measurement.

  • Motivation: Motivated by the opportunity to unite the insights community, Marybeth values ESOMAR as a platform for meaningful industry collaboration, offering relevant content, diverse perspectives, and engaging networking opportunities.

Sandy Casey, representing the U.S

  • Background: Sandy Casey, the SVP of Global Supply at InnovateMR since February 2020, brings over two decades of experience in the research industry. Actively engaged in committees like ESOMAR demographics, she ensures the implementation of best practices in insights gathering, offers expertise in survey design training, and contributes to discussions on data quality and Artificial Intelligence at ESOMAR congress, all while mentoring professionals through the WIRE mentor program.

  • Motivation: Sandy appreciates ESOMAR's commitment to setting professional standards and educating industry practitioners worldwide. ESOMAR's focus on every aspect of the insights gathering exercise and ethical treatment of panels resonates with her professional values.

Ayjan Kasimbekova, representing Uzbekistan

  • Background: Ayjan Kasimbekova is the Director and Owner of MOREINFO PE, a Marketing Research Agency since 2005. With a background spanning over two decades in marketing research, Ayjan has also served as a Trainer in Marketing since 2008 and holds a position as a Business Courser Lecturer at the Marketing Program at Space Academy, Alpha Education. Ayjan's expertise extends to mentoring programs, including the EBRD Program "Mentoring of Business Women" and mentoring IT startups' projects. As a seasoned professional, Ayjan is known for her analytical acumen, extensive regional experience in Central Asia, and proven coordination and management skills.

  • Motivation: With a commitment to advancing marketing practices in Uzbekistan, Ayjan aims to elevate the significance of marketing within companies across the country. As an advocate for the development of marketing and research awareness, she emphasizes adherence to the codes outlined in the Esomar Code to ensure ethical and effective marketing strategies are implemented.

These appointments reflect ESOMARs ongoing dedication to fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange within the global market research community. We believe that the diverse expertise and passion of our representatives will contribute significantly to the mission and vision of ESOMAR.

Maya Bachar
ESOMAR Staff, Community Coordinator at ESOMAR