ESOMAR announces annual award winners at Congress in Amsterdam

Global association for the data, research and insights industry honors top papers, researchers, projects and advocates at its annual conference awards ceremony
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Date 13 September 2023
Author Gabriela Kusters

ESOMAR announces annual award winners at Congress in Amsterdam
Global association for the data, research and insights industry honors top papers, researchers projects and advocates at its annual conference awards ceremony

Amsterdam - 13 September 2023 - ESOMAR, the global membership organization for the data, research and insights community, has announced the winners in several awards programs presented at Congress 2023 in Amsterdam. The awards span multiple categories, including best papers, presentations and exhibitors at Congress, plus best young researchers, most effective research projects and others. The ESOMAR awards programs celebrate leaders and innovators in the insights and analytics community.

“The innovations coming out of the insights sector right now are truly groundbreaking, including projects from new talent in the industry, as evidenced by our annual YES! Awards for young researchers,” said Joaquim Bretcha, Director General of ESOMAR. “Our awards shine a spotlight on the champions of the industry, communicating the value of market research and providing a positive, aspirational reference point for insights professionals, particularly those just starting out in their careers.”

ESOMAR Best Paper of the Year
Selected from qualifying ESOMAR events spanning the past year, this award celebrates the most impactful content in a research paper submission based on a variety of criteria. 

Turning TikToks into Business Insight: How Colart learnt to engage new audiences 

  • Jatin Kuckreja - Colart 

  • Jeremy Hollow - Listen + Learn Research

ESOMAR Best Qualitative Paper - Peter Cooper Award 2023
The Peter Cooper Award celebrates excellence in Qualitative Research. Peter Cooper was a pioneer in the use of focus groups, projective techniques and qualitative techniques.

Growing Up Together: Redefining motherhood as a transformational journey, not a role

  • Francky David - Nestlé

  • Nathalie Coste - Lovebrands

ESOMAR Congress Best Paper Award 2023
This award celebrates the most thought-provoking and impactful paper presented at the 2023 ESOMAR Congress event.  

Virtual Frontiers: Assessing the potential of the metaverse for qualitative research

  • Rupert Sinclair & Katrin Scheibert - Kadence International

  • Faye Soares - Dow Jones

ESOMAR Research Effectiveness Awards 2023
Celebrating impactful projects of the insights and analytics community that made a huge impact on the end-users.

Gold winner: 
Owning Inspiration

  • Daron Sharps - Pinterest

  • Martyn Hill - Firefish

Silver winner: 
An Innovative Approach to Employee Experience

  • Laurie Hibbs - Judo Bank

  • Garreth Chandler and Ben Griffiths - The Evolved Group

Bronze winner:
How an Agile Community Approach Supported the Transition from Uncle Ben's to Ben's Original

  • Katie Kaylor - Mars Food

  • Patricia van der Hart - Human8

ESOMAR Representative Award 2023

  • “The Pioneer” ESOMAR Representative Award: Zahia Boumaiz and John Presutti, United Arab Emirates

  • “The Connector” ESOMAR Representative Award: Dan Fleetwood, United States

  • “Outstanding” ESOMAR Representative Award: Dr. Josiah Ebhomenye, Nigeria

Additional Awardees included: 

  • Best Exhibitor at the 2023 ESOMAR Congress: TapTapKaboom

  • Young ESOMAR Society YES Award

    • 1st: Catherine Wertz, SKIM The Netherlands

    • 2nd: Valere Demelier, Insights Analyst, Nepa 

    • 3rd: Harita Rawat, Research Executive, Ipsos, India

Since 1947, ESOMAR has been the global hub for research, insights, and analytics. Reaching 50,000+ individuals, 750+ companies and 130+ countries, we are a worldwide membership organisation that empowers insights professionals and businesses to unlock their potential on both the global and local stage, fostering connections, collaboration, growth and knowledge. Driven by our core values of inclusivity, caring, innovation and trust, we have led the industry through a rapidly evolving landscape for more than 75 years. We continue our commitment to raising ethical standards, facilitating education, advocating with legislators, sharing best practices, and promoting evidence-based solutions for decision-makers.


Gabriela Kusters
ESOMAR Staff, Head of Global Marketing & Events at ESOMAR