Congress 2023 Call for Speakers now open and theme announced!

Are you ready to Supercharge? Seize your opportunity to inspire and energise a global audience by submitting your best insights story by 27 February. [submission now closed]
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Date 9 January 2023
Author Rhiannon Bryant

Are you ready to Supercharge?

There’s an incredible energy pulsing across the global data, research and insights community right now. A vitality fuelled by tech-celeration and people conversing, connecting and collaborating freely again - all in pursuit of human truths.

Supercharge! brings that energy to Amsterdam for four powerful days of interaction and learning so you can equip yourself with the tools, knowledge, ideas and business contacts to power up your Insights. 

Are you ready to Supercharge?

Five considerations before you submit


1. The Human Insights Powerstation

Contemporary. Influential. Predictive
The most influential and compelling examples that demonstrate capabilities and experiences in:

  • Machine Learning / AI #supersmart

  • Storytelling / Data Visualisation

  • The Metaverse / Future

  • Data Science / Integration / Foresight / Prescriptive analytics

  • Agile Research / Automation #superfast

  • Human-centric approaches that withstand the test of time and deepen human empathy

2. Connections that Turbo Charge

Uniting specialisms. Fusing data. Merging technologies
Collaborations and connections that fuel better results and define a new, broader data, research and human insights ecosystem :

  • Collaborations with start-ups as well as leveraging innovative data analytics tools to #supercharge the insights engine

  • Powering up insights with secondary / user / behavioural / social data

  • Accelerated output courtesy of technology & tech partners

  • Cross-pollination of ideas and knowledge with diverse specialisms and multi-disciplinary teams

  • Superimposing mixed or multimodal methodologies

  • Uniting with design thinkers and UX’rs for high-octane experiences

3. Supertruths: When Sparks Fly

  • Uncomfortable. Friction. Elephant in the room.
    Voicing concerns or verbalising challenges can expedite solutions. This is a shout-out for honest opinions from those brave enough to “go there" in 2023.

    What are the uncomfortable conversations that the research profession needs to have? Some ideas include:

  • How does the research/ analytics profession retain trust and integrity when data is available to be used (and abused?) by so many?

  • How does the Insights sector attract and retain the very best people? Adequate renumeration? Four-day working week? Are there hybrid working models that enable you to thrive?

  • The balance between research’s price and the value it creates. The rise of DIY research

  • Low response rates and survey fraud

  • Is the Insights sector slow to adopt DEI best practices?

  • Do research buyers care more about the 'AHA' moment than sampling and data quality?

 4. Supercharged Perfection!

Eureka. ROI. Impact

i). Insights on Impact

  • Do researchers measure their own work’s success enough?

  • How do you link insights to revenue and profit?

  • Does insight need to have a financial impact on a business to be considered effective?  How is impact defined by different companies/agencies?

ii). Impact from Insights
Send us your greatest story of insight impact. One that will make the research crowds go wild and insist they get a selfie and your autograph!

  • Creating a sustainable, inclusive world and the role insights plays in fuelling this positive change.

  • Evidence-led insights that have powered transformation in business.

  • For any case study, we advise that you explain the challenge and what you did to gather the evidence and generate insights and impact. Also, share the action you and your stakeholders took so that it is clear what the audience could learn from your epic story.   

5. Superheroes!

As well as the dedicated Congress awards, our annual flagship provides the perfect backdrop for recognising and celebrating the achievements of all research superheroes! Stay tuned for the launch of our awards and competitions, including our 2023 Research Effectiveness and YES (Young ESOMAR Society) Awards!

Submit your proposal by 27 February

Rhiannon Bryant
ESOMAR Staff, Head of Global Content & Events at ESOMAR