Celebrating World Standards Day

The ESOMAR community has been championing standards since 1948 for the data, research and insights community. Discover what Worlds Standards Day means for you.
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Cover of the ICC/ESOMAR International Code
Date 15 October 2021
Author Srikar Govindaraju

ESOMAR is proud to support World Standard’s Day, an initiative of the ISO, which takes place every year on October 14th. Standards are the essence of ESOMAR, whether the ICC/ESOMAR Code or the guidelines we produce, that aim to help you produce research and insights of the highest quality and uphold the highest standards of professionalism and ethics.

Standards are at the core of ESOMAR, and here are some thoughts from three key members of the team on the importance of standards to the insights and analytics sector.

Quote about standards from Finn Raben

Finn Raben, ESOMAR Director General

Standards are what separate the exceptional from the mundane; they are the fundamental building blocks of excellence, and it is for that reason that standards have lain at the heart of ESOMAR membership and the ICC/ESOMAR Code of Conduct, since the organisation was founded, almost 75 years ago. ESOMAR has been a long-standing supporter and contributor to the ISO TC225 Committee which is responsible for maintaining Research standards, and vigorously advocates its own membership standards through its Professional Standards and Disciplinary Committee; indeed, given ESOMAR’s global remit these days, many members often suggest the ‘E’ in our name should represent “excellent”!

Quote about standards from Judith Passingham

Judith Passingham, Chair of the ESOMAR Professional Standards Committee

We’ve assembled a team within the ESOMAR Professional Standards Committee with an enormous range of experience across privacy, standards, data collection methodologies, research solutions, client usage and utility and regional/global application.

Through regular discussion and debate, we aim to stay on top of new ideas, innovations and developments so that we can create codes, guidelines and checklists that help you through your research projects. If you don’t want to wait for the guideline you can submit a query via our SERENE platform, and one of our experts will send you a quick response. These responses are also shared with the community, enriching the collective knowledge base. 

Quote about standards from Kim Smouter

Kim Smouter-Umans, Head of Public Affairs and Standards

Professional Standards are the sector’s visiting card, reassuring customers, end-users, regulators, and the public that we conduct business with the interests of everyone at heart. Professional Standards help us to codify our expectations and to work towards a common denominator that keeps us on the right side of the law and the right side of ethical. ESOMAR together with a global network of partner associations have had the privilege of being the guardian of that denominator, helping companies operationalise those commitments and innovating with the use of technology to make standards more transparent, more effective, and more accountable for the benefit of everyone.

Want to find out more about how ESOMAR develops and upholds standards? Make sure to visit our Professional Standards page to find the latest guidelines and updates, and stay up to date on upcoming consultations by signing up to our newsletters.

Srikar Govindaraju
ESOMAR Staff, Senior Standards Programmes Coordinator at ESOMAR