Celebrate your insights

Government Affairs and Professional Standards | July 2020 Newsletter
Date 21 July 2020
Author Srikar Govindaraju

Celebrating your insights!

Since the start of the pandemic, we have been collecting your international research to showcase the importance of market, opinion, and social research in times of adversity. Your research goes to inform decision-makers at all levels of society and is more important now than ever as countries around the world prepare for what comes next.
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Client and agency relationship: your key takeaways from the community circles

Over the past few months, our global community has come together to share insights, challenges, and answer some of the most important questions facing our sector today: how do clients’ expectations change in times of crisis? How have agencies pivoted to address changing needs and keep consumers at the very heart of research?
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Face to face interviewing in times of COVID-19

With several countries slowly moving out of the lockdown, face-to-face interviewing is also slowly resuming. ESOMAR has therefore published practical guidance on what to consider when resuming fieldwork in times of COVID-19.  

Our practical guidance continue

We continue to support you with all your need-to-know questions on professional standards, submit them through this form or simply drop us an email at professional.standards@esomar.org  You may also want to have look at our library of practical guidelines that support you in your daily work and ensure that your projects can live up to the golden standard set by our community.

Talking Insights: ESOMAR podcast

We at ESOMAR want to bridge the gap between the insights sector and the world around it. Join us on a journey of discovery, as we bring together guests from across the board to talk about the biggest questions of today, diving deeper into the challenges that face our society, and uncover new insights about the worldaround us.
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Srikar Govindaraju
ESOMAR Staff, Senior Standards Programmes Coordinator at ESOMAR