Call for Speakers for Dynamic. Diverse. Digital

Powering-up human insights to steer organisations through change, whilst ensuring the representation of all.
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Date 3 December 2021
Author Rhiannon Bryant

Key milestones:

  • Submissions closed

  • Programme Available - February

  • Dynamic. Diverse. Digital - 9 March 2022


2021 was another year dominated by change.
From the magic of “tech-celeration” and digital transformation empowering homes and corporations, to the deeply divisive disputes in society compelling many to fight for their rights and champion diversity, inclusion and equality. A year pulled and pushed by transformations and tensions around the world.

For many, 2022 feels empowered and energised, yet not all forces of change have pushed equally resulting in other markets and minorities being excluded.

For the 1st edition in your 2022 digital flagship series, discover the evidence of the resilience of market and social research in this dynamic landscape and news of insights powering-up to steer organisations, bridge divisions, address the underserved as well as define new spaces for brands.

Your moment to shine on the digital, global stage!

Get involved and share your edgiest thinking. It's your turn to inspire others with your story. Some of the topics your peers want to see on stage include :


  • With the world being pulled and pushed by transformations and tensions - how resilient and agile is insights and analytics in this landscape?

  • What insights work have you completed or commissioned to ensure that enterprises and governments can adapt quickly to change?

  • What new patterns in human behaviour and/or predictions of future forces do you feel we need to prepare for today?


  • Insights and analytics have been good at generating and translating findings for the mainstream but what needs to happen to ensure the underserved are addressed. Do you have brand stories where new spaces have been successfully defined.

  • Are you a change-maker with Diversity, Equality & Inclusion in your DNA. What insights to action story can you share


  • It has been estimated that digital adoption in some markets leapt the equivalent of five years in just eight weeks. Do you have equally impressive evidence of “tech-celeration” in research.  

  • Communication and access to information is increasingly digital, creating pockets of populations who have now been excluded. What insights role have you taken in this area to either measure, understand, bridge the gaps across generations, skillsets and markets?

Unstructured Data Challenge - Deadline 4 February
The winner of this challenge will present on 9 March during the event. Full details here

Get involved and share your edgiest thinking by 14 January!

Rhiannon Bryant
ESOMAR Staff, Senior Manager Global Events at ESOMAR