Call for Speakers for Creativity. Connections. Community.

Your opportunity to shine and inspire on stage, celebrating creativity and new connections to inspire a global community of insights champions.
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Date 3 March 2022
Author Rhiannon Bryant

Inspire a global network from the digital stage!

Calling all creatives, serial entrepreneurs, tech talkers, data evangelists and human truth-seekers - be sure to submit your best and brightest ideas that will make the audience want your autograph, take your photo, share your story, and steal it for themselves. 

Don't miss the key milestones!

  • Deadline to submit - 25 March

  • Programme published - 13 April

  • Event [3 episodes] - 6 May


For the 2nd edition of our 2022 digital flagship series we celebrate excellence in creativity and collaboration to inspire a community of global insights champions. 
From original, out-of-the-box research to insights that inspire creativity, to forging new connections across projects, processes, and partnerships - this flagship promises to ignite your imagination and illuminate best practices,  culminating in the conclusion of  International Market Research Day Celebrations. 

What's we're looking from you


From inspiration in the research process, to insights that fuel innovation. Inspire us with your stories:

  • Exploring creativity and the process leading to a brilliant idea including the application of design thinking and ideation techniques 

  • Discovering new spheres of research inspiration - from IoT, to exciting and emerging markets to non-traditional clients 

  • Injecting creativity into new and existing methodological approaches  

  • Learning from insights that inspire creatives and advertising creativity 

  • Celebrating insights that fuel new products and services   


Integrating data. Fusing methodologies. Bridging technologies. Linking specialisms. Uniting people.  What are the connections you made that amplified and enriched the work you do.

  • Bringing brands and people together in a personalised and engaging way through next-level insights 

  • Integrating e-commerce, advertising, social media, and survey data for one version of the truth 

  • Securing the future: Tools, techniques and technologies that show the greatest potential for tomorrow 

  • Bridging knowledge and skills from outside the normal research sphere to drive new and better results. 

  • Partnering with consumers, clients, competitors for inspiring collaborations 


The celebrations for IMRD [International Market Research Day] conclude during 'Creativity. Connections. Community' on 6 May 2022, in the year that ESOMAR celebrates its 75th anniversary.  

For that reason, we’re looking for a fresh injection of community stories...  

  • What inspires you to be in this profession?  

  • Why is being a member of a global data, research and insights network worthwhile? 

  • What community-oriented projects, anecdotes or tips do you have to share? 

Get creative and inspire your global network by 25 March!

Rhiannon Bryant
ESOMAR Staff, Head of Global Content & Events at ESOMAR