Building Diverse Dream Teams

ESOMAR's Diversity and Inclusion Working Group is exploring how to achieve more diverse teams in insights and analytics by focusing on generating best practices for talent attraction and retention.
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ESOMAR young volunteers speaking in a circle
Date 29 November 2021
Author Kim Smouter

Over the year, the ESOMAR Council has answered your requests to create more space to discuss how insights and analytics can rise to the increasing demand for more diversity, equity, and inclusion in workplaces worldwide.

New partnerships

Council has established new working partnerships with organisations like the European Network Against Racism and insights-driven initiatives such as Colour of Research and Insights of Color. These new partnerships are strengthening already well-established partnerships with Women in Research. Through these partnerships, ESOMAR is keen to expand our shared knowledge and expertise in an increasingly prioritised topic for your organisation.

Towards global standards

ESOMAR is working on setting baseline standards and recommendations in diversity and inclusion for the coming year. We are innovating the approach by fostering deliberative discussions that generate best practices crowd-sourced from your community. These inputs will inform a best-practice living document which we would like to co-create with your peers and the community.

Through these discussions, we've already explored the legal considerations when conducting insights and analytics projects that seek to increase knowledge on diversity and inclusion. We've also looked at how to make your data collection process more inclusive as well.

Next Community Circle: Building a Diverse Dream Team

The next Community Circle is scheduled for 7 December 2021. ESOMAR is particularly excited about the topic as we're looking now at what it takes to build a diverse dream team.

From recruitment to retention, let's find the best ideas and practices to ensure insights and analytics is a welcoming sector for all talent. Together with you, we want to explore what it takes to build teams that represent the communities and organisations you serve.

A great line-up to help fire-start the conversation

We're very excited that Corrine Moy from Council will be moderating this great session for you. The session will inspire you with renowned experts leading the charge including:

  • Magda-Sarah Boulabiza, the European Network Against Racism's Advocacy Officer to share insights from other sectors and diversity experts,

  • Liz Norman, a recruitment specialist for the insights and analytics community, will share her assessment of best practices emerging within the industry,

  • Fiona Blades will share her perspective as company founder and CEO within the insights and analytics space,

  • and Silke Muenster, Chief Diversity Officer at Philip Morris International, will share her perspective from the perspective of an end-user of insights and analytics

Corrine Moy
ESOMAR Council Member, Global VP of Marketing Science at GfK
Magda-Sarah Boulabiza
Advocacy Officer at ENAR
Liz Norman
CEO at ENI Insights & Analytics Recruitment
Fiona Blades
ESOMAR Individual Member, President and Chief Experience Officer at MESH Experience
Silke Muenster
Chief Diversity Officer at Philip Morris International
Kim Smouter
ESOMAR Staff, Head of Public Affairs & Professional Standards at ESOMAR