Three papers nominated for the ESOMAR Best Paper of the Year Award 2023

Winning paper to be announced in Amsterdam on 13 September
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Date 10 August 2023
Author Rhiannon Bryant

Every ESOMAR event has an expert committee that reviews and selects the best content submitted by the international data, research and insights community.

All speakers are then invited to document their work in a written paper and the committee of each event rewards one paper with the Best Event Paper Award.

As well as winning that award, each winning paper (from September - August) is then shortlisted for the highly-coveted ESOMAR Best Paper of the Year Award and reviewed by an independent jury.

The papers that have been nominated for the ESOMAR Best Paper Award 2023 are

[Congress 2022]
Algorhythms for Glocal Effectiveness
Begonia Fafian, The Coca-Cola Company, Mexico
Patricia Olivares, The Coca-Cola Company, Mexico
Javier Quinones, Foster & Flow, New Zealand"

[Forecast. Forward. Faster. Digital event 2022]
Turning Tik Toks into Business Insight
Jatin Kuckreja, Colart, UK
Jeremy Hollow, Listen + Learn Research, UK"

[LATAM 2023]
Storybranding in Researchland
Diego Alarcón, The Coca Cola Company, Mexico
Daniel Lagache, Cooperativa Mental, Argentina
Damián Gandolfi, Cooperativa Mental, Argentina"

The winning paper will be announced on Wednesday, 13 September, at 13:50 during the closing of the 2023 Congress in Amsterdam.

The authors will receive a prize of €2,000.
Find more details about the award and past winners below

Award Criteria
Rhiannon Bryant
ESOMAR Staff, Head of Global Content & Events at ESOMAR