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ESOMAR Congress Participants exchanging a toast
Date 8 October 2021
Author Simone Waller-Klink

Germany is abuzz ahead of the upcoming succeet21 Conference held in Munich. The hybrid concept is the successor to one of the insights and analytics community's most prominent trade fairs: the former Research and Results. It offers an excellent opportunity for you to network and get inspired by the German insights and analytics community.

We've taken the time to reach out to Simone Waller-Klink, the Managing Partner and Founder, to walk you through what motivated the revolution and why you should attend the event taking place in Germany later this month!

Tell us more about succeet - What is it and why move away from Research & Results?

succeet is the new leading trade-show for the insights industry, kind of homecoming event or class reunion for the research & insights community. Attendees will learn about latest trends, research approaches and practical experiences. We are broad in terms of topics and participants – and we are deep in terms of expertise. Our goal is to bring the who’s who of insights, data & analytics together – in one place. Insights professionals will gain new insights, make new contacts, and hopefully increase the success of their insights projects.

With the new brand succeet – meet & succeet – we want to express our core believe, that bringing people together is key for success. succeet is a new company with new shareholders. Among others, the leading online portal joined us. It was simply the time to do something new.

Tell us some stats, how big is succeet and who attends?

Our first event, the virtual succeet21, was conducted in April, in the middle of the peak of the 3rd Corona wave. And yet, it was a clear statement that the industry stays strong in these challenging times. With 2,700 participants from Australia to Westcoast US, with 80 exhibitors and a broad range of presentations, we provided a truly global platform for insight professionals.

Now, for the upcoming physical event we are looking at 83 exhibitors, about 100 speakers, 60+ presentations, 6 intensive workshops and 3 panel discussions. We also expect some 1,500 – 2,000 participants, mainly from central Europe due to the pandemic. Wave 4 and the ever changing Corona legislation is not really helpful for international participants, but we have confirmed exhibitors from the US, Africa and South America. Our attendees are insights professionals across the board: decision makers, researchers, scientists, marketeers, purchasing agents.

What’s going to be on the programming side of succeet, what are the sessions likely to attract attention?

First of all, our aim is to offer the full spectrum of topics. We have a really comprehensive agenda, with presentations ranging from A like AI through M like Market research to V like VR. In total we cover almost 20 different topics. This year, we have an extra focus on „Customer Experience“, and we have a couple of start-ups with fresh ideas. There are 3 panel discussions which will surely attract a lot of attention. One is about success factors of CX projects. One is dealing with the limits of scalability in market reserch, and the last one covers the price-war in the industry.

Attendees will also want to explore our so called Action Spots, but we keep them still secret for a while.

You’ve chosen to go face-to-face, a bold move in the context! What’s been the reaction so far, and why go back to now rather than later?

Actually, when we started with succeet, we did it with a lot of digitalization and virtual event spirit in mind. We delivered a 100% virtual trade-show with digital stands, online matchmaking and a virtual networking lounge with instant video-chats. We recieved a lot of positive feedback in the direction of „this was the

best what you can do in the digital world“. But we also got the feedback that nothing compares with a real, physical event and that everyone is keen to meet again in Munich. And here we areJ. Let’s succeet together!

Simone Waller-Klink
Managing Partner & Founder at Succeet