Access to country overviews improved

ESOMAR updates you on improvements made to improve your access to country overview information provided by representatives, associations, and legal experts.
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Date 29 November 2021
Author Kim Smouter

A resource offering a global snapshot

You may not know about them but a few years ago, ESOMAR's Associations Executive Committee initiated a project to collate essential information from associations, your national representatives, and legal experts from the ESOMAR community.

ESOMAR would like to take this opportunity to thank your peers, and associations partners who are making this service possible and available to you for free.

What are the country overviews?

This collated information allows you to get an at-a-glimpse understanding of essential operational and compliance requirements you need to be aware of when operating in specific markets.

This essential crowd-sourced information is boosted with additional insight gleamed from our industry reports and also provide you with trusted partners from the ESOMAR Directory should you be looking to operate in a new market.

Improvements going live today

ESOMAR is delighted to inform you that we've improved access to this information, you can now access it from our Local Networks page and from our Resources section and we've also improved the look and feel of the country pages to make the information easier to read.

Kim Smouter
ESOMAR Staff, Head of Public Affairs & Professional Standards at ESOMAR