2022 Best Paper Award Nominations

Nominations for the 2022 Best Paper Award
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Date 27 June 2022
Author Rhiannon Bryant

Each year at ESOMAR events, the insights and analytics community present some of the most thought-provoking and impactful projects worldwide. Various topics and impacts are showcased through countless scientific papers and inspiring presentations.

We celebrate these exceptional community contributions through a series of awards, including our Best Paper Award, which celebrates each event's best scientific paper submission.

The following papers represent this year's nominations for the Best Paper Award 2022 (Sep 2021-Aug 2022):

  • Insights Festival 2021
    Fixing a 100-year-old set of problems 
    Establishing international standards for measuring demographic and social class    
    Jon Puleston, Kantar, UK

  • Future-Proof and Foresight
    [digital flagship series 2021]

    AI-Powered Qualitative 
    Do humans feel more comfortable confiding in chatbots than other humans?   
    Exploring Sexual Attitudes through Conversational AI
    Garreth Chandler, The Evolved Group, Australia
    Tracey Rankin, Alchemy, Australia

  • Dynamic. Diverse. Digital.
    [digital flagship series 2022]

    Research in the Metaverse
    Connecting with Consumers Using AR
    Michelle Niedziela, HCD Research, USA

  • Creativity. Connections. Community. 
    [digital flagship series 2022]
    Understanding Future Brand Users
    Exploring decision-making and influence dynamics of younger consumers
    David Wright, Hello Ara, New Zealand
    Charlene Van Zyl Woolworths, South Africa
    Karlien Kriegler Hello Ara, South Africa

Find more details about the award and prize here:

Rhiannon Bryant
ESOMAR Staff, Chief Services Officer at ESOMAR