11 biggest questions in polling FAQs

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Date 18 August 2020
Author Srikar Govindaraju

ISO 20256:2019 guide out now

Get to grips with ISO 20252:2019, the up to date, single and comprehensive quality standard that sets out guidance and requirements directly relating to the way in which market, opinion and social research (MOSR) projects are planned, carried out, supervised and reported to the clients commissioning such projects. 
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FAQs for Opinion & Election polls

Why do people conduct polls? Why do election polls get it wrong sometimes? Should all polls be vetted by the government?
The ESOMAR Government Affairs and Professional Standards team has compiled a list of FAQs for journalists and opinion leaders on Opinion and Election Polls to give confidence in tackling the latest polls.

Read the FAQ here

Talking Insights: ESOMAR podcast

Join Talking Insights on a journey of discovery, tackling the biggest topics of today. Connecting the research sector with the wider world and highlighting the power of research in development, tech, economy and more.

Catch up on our conversations on AI, COVID conspiracies, race, societal impact of lockdowns and urban living through smart city tech.

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Face to face interviewing in times of COVID-19

With several countries slowly moving out of the lockdown, face-to-face interviewing is also slowly resuming. ESOMAR has therefore published practical guidance on what to consider when resuming fieldwork in times of COVID-19.  

View the guide here

Srikar Govindaraju
ESOMAR Staff, Senior Standards Programmes Coordinator at ESOMAR