Privacy Day 2023 - Research for a Better Society

Join us for Privacy Day 2023, our speakers will discuss the ethical responsibility of researchers in collecting and processing personal data, and how data protection can defend principles of justice, equality, and inclusivity in society.
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Start 27 Jan, 13:00 UTC
End 19 Jan, 14:00 UTC
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What's it about?

International Privacy Day 2023

On April 26 2006, the Council of Europe established Data Protection Day, observed annually on January 28. The Council of Europe's data protection convention known as "Convention 108" was opened for signature. Data Protection Day is now observed all over the world and is known as Privacy Day outside of Europe.

Join us for an online webinar exploring the ethical responsibilities of researchers in collecting and using personal data. We will discuss the consequences of misusing data, the potential for discrimination, and the role of researchers in defending principles of justice and inclusivity. We will also touch on the challenges of accessing data controlled by large global companies and the potential for personal data to serve the public interest through the use of AI and machine learning.

What's in it for me?

Our discussion will be guided by the fundamental principles of transparency, data protection, and ethical behavior outlined by ICC/ESOMAR International Code. By 2030, it is likely that almost all countries will have data protection frameworks in place. Let's work together to build public trust and confidence in the research industry as we anticipate these future requirements.


Pravin Shekar
ESOMAR Staff, Statutory Director at ESOMAR
Judith Passingham
ESOMAR Committee Member, Chair of the Professional Standards Committee at ESOMAR
Geraldine Proust
ESOMAR Staff, Head of Public Affairs and Professional Standards at ESOMAR
Kim Smouter
ESOMAR Committee Member, Chair of ESOMAR's Legal Affairs Committee at ENAR
Claudio Gennaro
ESOMAR Staff, Senior Advocacy Programmes Coordinator at ESOMAR

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