MaxDiff vs. Kano for Guiding Product Design

Does Kano analysis really achieve what it proports to do? Could other scaling methods, such as MaxDiff work better?
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Start 17 Apr, 16:00 UTC
End 17 Apr, 17:00 UTC
Location Online

What's it about?

Kano analysis has been a popular method for prioritizing features for satisfaction and delight. It often uses two dimensions, plotted on a two-space map, for Satisfaction and Functionality.  Does Kano analysis really achieve what it purports to do?  Could other scaling methods, such as MaxDiff work better?  

The speakers will review recent research (by Chapman and Callegaro) that finds that the standard Kano questions have scale points that are subjective, not mutually exclusive, and lead to low test-retest reliability among the same respondents. Rather than using the Kano approach, the speakers recommend picking two dimensions that matter to the business problem and using more reliable scaling methods, such as MaxDiff.   

They will wrap up this webinar by showing multiple use cases, then focus on a case study applying MaxDiff to compare priorities between customers and stakeholders for a software company (Sawtooth Software). This application led to a management-friendly quadrant analysis that has been useful for the product manager for planning the next version of a software release and doing a cost/benefit analysis.     

What's in it for me?

  1. An overview of the Kano method, including strengths and also weaknesses 

  2. A comparison between Kano and MaxDiff and why the speakers believe MaxDiff leads to greater discrimination and no scale use bias compared to traditional rating scales 

  3. How to use MaxDiff to obtain better alignment between internal stakeholders and customer needs

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Bryan Orme
President at Sawtooth Software
Chris Chapman
Principal UX Researcher at Amazon Lab126
Ed Keller
Executive Director at University of Georgia | MRII


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