Video Submission Guidelines

Discover ESOMAR's guidelines to ensure you submit videos that will cast the best line on you and your content.

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Have you been invited to submit to us a video?

Congratulations! We're excited to see your video contribution, as a business community, your peers are eager to see you and hear you to share your inspiration with them. To make sure your message comes across loud and clear, and everyone compliments you on how good you lok,, check out these guidelines that will give you and us the best material to work with:

Keep it horizontal

In order for the videos to appear best both on the ESOMAR network of websites as well as on social media, we invite you to record yourself using a 16:9 aspect ratio (landscape/horizontal) video, not vertical. That often means you'll have to flip your phones sideways to achieve this.

Check the file format

When submitting your videos, please ensure that the video has been recorded either in MP4 or MOV file format in order to allow us to make various post-edits to your videos to make them look stellar.

Great resolution gives great results

When submitting videos, please ensure that your video has been recorded with a resolution of minimum 720p (1280 wide, 720 pixels high). Larger sizes are fine (for example 1080p or higher). Having a larger resolution reduces the pixilation effects that you sometimes encounter on videos.

Watch out also on the audio quality

There is only so much we can do to improve audio quality if the source video isn't good. So it's really important to think about your audio, make sure to speak clearly, slow down as much as you can to ensure you're understandable.

Try to minimize the background noise, for example, try to stay away from places with a lot of background noise (pubs, busy public places etc) or even consider using an external dedicated microphone.

Don't blind us with the lighting

When you're recording a video, it's important that you face the light rather than have it behind you, make sure that you don't have the sun behind you as you will be very hard to see.


Get in touch with our video maestro if you're unsure about anything and need some extra guidance.

Vincent van Bentem
ESOMAR Staff, Creative Manager at ESOMAR