Passing the ‘So What?’ Test

Clarifying your clients' and stakeholders' business issues to deliver insights with impact.
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Welcome to Virtual Academy On-Demand 

This exclusive on-demand training offers you access to six-hours of content, split into three engaging sessions. Designed to enhance your skills at your own pace and convenience, you'll be able to download resources, see the trainer's contact information and earn a certificate upon course completion.


If you are to deliver actionable insight to your clients and stakeholders, you must first be able to identify and clarify their business issues, needs and priorities. To do this, you need to sell the benefits of talking with you to them.

This highly practical and interactive workshop will introduce you to a toolbox of tried and tested models, frameworks and approaches that will make a real difference to your personal influence and impact.

What's in it for you?

Through discussions, roleplays and practical exercises, you will learn how to:

  • Align your work and output to the strategic priorities of your own (or your client's) organisation;

  • Analyse the external pressures and trends impacting the organisation, how it chooses to respond to those, and thus the greatest opportunities for insight;

  • Understand where the organisation aims to get to, how it plans to get there and, most pertinently, how insight can help to get it there;

  • Identify the key questions that, once answered by insight, will have the greatest impact upon the organisation;

  • Clarify what your key stakeholders define as 'insight' and '(added) value' so as to be better able to be seen to deliver these;

  • Create a clear and compelling story from your research, using data to support rather than confuse the key messages and arguments;

  • Employ the tools of effective communicators, including storytellers and journalists;

  • Enable your clients and stakeholders to take firm action and make informed decisions as a result of your work.

You will leave with concrete actions that you will be able to implement back in the workplace, helping you to address the key business issues, and answer the priority questions of your own clients and stakeholders. The overarching aim is to help you to increase your impact and influence, raise your profile, and improve others’ perception of the value that you deliver.

Who should attend?

The workshop is equally appropriate for researchers and insight professionals on both the client- and agency-side, and suitable for all levels of experience. Those organisations who have already seen tangible business benefits from this training include Asda, AXA Insurance, the BBC, BT, CIMA, Ipsos, Kantar, RSA and Waitrose.

What's on the menu?

Session 1

  • The changing role of research & insight

  • Becoming a Trusted Advisor

  • Identifying the Value Sweet Spot

  • Analysing your client

Session 2

  • Creating & capturing value for your client

  • Analysing your stakeholders

  • Identifying their Central Question

Session 3

  • Defining & delivering 'Value' & 'Insight'

  • The power of storytelling

  • 'Hook, Line & Thinker'


Daniel Wain
Founder Director at Daniel Wain Consulting