Slowing Down to Speed Up: The Ethnographic Approach

Harnessing the power of observation to enact a new kind of data collection
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13.00-15.00 UTC / 15.00-17.00 CET - Three days. Two hours per day.

What can the ethnographic approach teach us about the importance of pausing? How might we harness the power of observation to enact a new kind of data collection in our work? 
Whilst the role of qualitative insights in business has become more and more prominent over the past 20 years, there are implicit challenges in how qualitative data ‘lives’ beyond the research itself and is funnelled into product and service development.  

 Might we take inspiration more broadly from the ethnographic approach to move slower and make decisions with more long-term impact? 
Join Sara Said Mosleh and Freya Williams for a 3-day webinar series where they explore how the ethnographic approach can be used to supercharge the work of the market researcher – and allow the wider business to bring a considered approach to exploring innovation potential.  

What will you learn?

In this workshop, you learn how to work with ethnographic observation techniques which look beyond the obvious and engage the full context of the humans and material elements being studied. You will move from theory to application as you explore the various different ways to supercharge your research and change facilitation skills through the ethnographic approach.  

Upon completion, you will have the skills needed to more confidently identify opportunity spaces based on ethnographic insights studies and awareness of how to better challenge the assumptions of speed-driven innovation.  

Who should attend?

Curious minds that are interested in research, design, strategy or innovation. We invite all to the table – and hope to engage with a variety of participants who bring their perspectives on the subject of qualitative research.  

Level of learning?  

This course does not require a specific level of expertise to attend. Curiosity and a willingness-to-challenge the status quo are mandatory.  

Programme at a glance

In this course, you'll cover:

  • Critical perspectives on the role of ethnography within the innovation process

  • How, when and where to apply observation techniques to gain deep contextual insights

  • Cases: Analyse and make sense of qualitative data in real-time scenarios

  • Best-practices on how to facilitate change using ethnographic insights