Consumer Intelligence to Consumer Centricity

Exploring the role of insights teams in making consumer centricity happen.
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Welcome to Virtual Academy On-Demand 

This on-demand training offers you access to six-hours of content, split into three sessions so that you can learn at your own pace and convenience. You'll also be able to download resources, see the trainer's contact information and earn a certificate. It's time for you to level up.

What's it about

Consumers have gained increased power with digital disruption being the catalyst of people empowerment. Because of the shift from shareholder to stakeholder capitalism, the rise of the experience economy and the global pandemic, consumers have only gained more 'power'.

A shift is needed from marketing to consumers, to mattering to people. From brand centric, to consumer centric.

What you will learn

In this workshop, you will learn about the 3 gaps between consumers and brands that need to be closed ('empathy gap', 'relevance gap' and 'experience gap') and what the steps are you can to take to make it happen.

After the workshop the attendees will be able to craft a plan that will help them to increase the influence and impact of the insights function on the business and create an eco-system of research tools that will help to install consumer centricity.

Who should attend

  • Insights Director at the agency side,

  • Corporate Researchers,

  • Marketing Directors

Suggested level of expertise

You should be familiar with the basic concepts in marketing and research. It helps if you have worked at the client side or with internal stakeholders of your clients.

What's on the menu for you

  • Session #1: EMPATHY – How to build consumer empathy and bring consumers into the HEARTS of employees.

  • Session #2: RELEVANCE – How to listen to and collaborate with consumers (QL + QT) to inspire the MINDS of employees with intelligence, insights, foresights and outsights.

  • Session #3: EXPERIENCE – How to enable constant feedback on ACTIONS taken (tracking research & installing constant feedback loops).

Meet Your Trainer

Tom De Ruyck
ESOMAR Council Member, Managing Partner and Head of Insight Activation at InSites Consulting