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AI in Insights Series hosted by Nikki Lavoie

In this captivating podcast series, we'll explore the fascinating world of artificial intelligence and its profound impact on the market research and insights industry. Join us as we delve into the latest advancements, best practices, and ethical considerations surrounding AI, featuring insightful interviews with industry experts and thought leaders.

Talking Insights Latam Series hosted by Gabriela Kusters and Xabier Palacio

For this series, join us at our ESOMAR Latam Conference in Mexico City, as we interview speakers from the event. The interviews will be conducted in Spanish, Portuguese and English.

Talking Insights Series hosted by Srikar Govindaraju

14 Episodes

For this series, join us on a journey of discovery, as we bring together guests from across the board to talk about the biggest questions of today, diving deeper into the challenges that face our society, and uncovering new insights about the world around us.

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