Queries and Complaints

Your community is a community of values established to safeguard the public's trust and confidence in your work to activate data, research, and insights.

The Professional Standards service offers you practical, up-to-date guidance to keep you on the right side of the ethical line.

A service built for you by your peers

Your guidance service is made possible thanks to volunteers, senior experts of your community who give their time to ensure you get the best service possible. These experts work in Committees including the Professional Standards Committee and our Disciplinary Committees, 

They are supported by members of our team who provide them with the technical support they require to produce new guidance and ensure your queries reach them.

Judith Passingham
ESOMAR Committee Member, Chair of the Professional Standards Committee at ESOMAR
Kathleen Frankovic
ESOMAR Committee Member, Consultant at YouGov
Kathy Joe
ESOMAR Staff, Consultant to ESOMAR PSC at ESOMAR
Philippe Guilbert
ESOMAR Committee Member, Consultant at Syntec Conseil
Prof. Dr. Raimund Wildner
ESOMAR Committee Member, Vice-President at Nuremberg Institute for Market Decisions