Your ability to apply insights and analytics is impacted every day by regulators and legislators.

Your membership ensures that together we make your case and ensure you can continue doing your job.

Your voice in the halls of power

The future of your ability to apply insights and analytics is impacted daily by local and global decision-makers through new laws and regulations. Decision-makers may not always appreciate the ingredients you need to carry out your work or why your work is beneficial to the economy and society. When they don't understand, they risk adopting laws that restrict your ability to do good work. Together we make your case and ensure you can do your job.

ESOMAR Legal Affairs Committee in delegation visit at European Commission

Because advocacy is vital for your work

The influence of lawmakers can be immense on your work and organisation, from regulating your ability to collect and use personal data to imposing administrative requirements. The future of our industry is discussed every day by local and global decision-makers. While the legislative process can be lengthy and difficult to navigate, successful advocacy does not have to be.

The advocacy service brings together legal and public affairs experts and your peers in the industry to champion your interests in the halls of power. We monitor for you emerging legislation around the world, intervene when your interests are in danger, and promote a good understanding of the value of your work and the impact of their proposals on its quality.

Together, our collective voice is stronger

Across the world, we monitor the landscape for changes that impact you and work closely with a network of international and national partners to guarantee you effective, responsive representation.

Advocacy efforts extend beyond ensuring that the community speaks on your behalf with one consistent voice to legislators and stakeholders. Our mission is to amplify your message and build support by raising awareness and educating the public about the important role you play in improving people's lives.

A benefit for everyone

Raising awareness

You rely on public trust and confidence to carry out your work. We raise your awareness and understanding of the value of insights for the public good and highlight the commitment members make to respect the rights of individuals and keep that public trust high.

Earning Public Trust

Together with national and international associations, we align key messages and operate an effective and consistent global self-regulation framework to govern ethical and professional standards that meet public expectations on your work.

Local Capacity Building

We build the capacity of local insights communities by establishing associations where they do not exist and organising activities to bring individuals and organisations together, thereby extending the reach of our corporate social responsibility efforts.

Our advocacy service in action

Themes we're monitoring for you

Value of insights

Championing the conviction that the projects you conduct and the insights you generate add value and positively impact people’s daily lives and organisational objectives.

Enabling the digital economy

Insights and analytics are essential enablers of the digital economy. We raise understanding of how digitisation is fundamentally changing your capacities and economic role.

Data protection and privacy

Personal data is essential for many insights and analytics projects. We believe respecting the privacy of individuals is critical to maintaining the trust needed for you to operate.

Freedom to conduct polling

Polling is an essential way to measure public opinion and sentiment. We're ensuring you can conduct independent polling (free of government or special interest interference) to enable free and democratic societies.

Freedom to sample

Access to census data is crucial to select a representative sample from a population. We work to guarantee access to this data whilst providing the necessary guarantees to avoid data abuse within insights and analytics.

Promoting self-regulation

Strong, accountable self-regulation guides you and the community to adopt ethical and responsible professional standards. We work to promote acceptance of its value as a valid regulatory tool.

Recent position statements

The expertise of the sector can help shape and improve legislative proposals. By meeting with your members of public institutions, issuing position statements and participating in the public debate at conferences and stakeholder events, we empower you to educate your elected officials about the importance of your work and encourage them to adopt supportive legislation in your interest.

Value of Insights

Convinced of the value of insights and analytics to inform decision-making, it is important to create an enabling environment for those responsible for generating them.

The communication advocates for enabling environment and the pro-active use of insights and analytics in all decision-making.

Audience measurement is key to ensuring a viable European Media Industry
Issued July 2023. Create the enabling conditions for a sustainable and pluralistic media industry for a thriving democracy in Europe
Czech Implementation of the European Electronics Communication Code and impact on insights & analytics sector
Issued October 2021. Joint position statement with our partner association in the Czech Republic, SIMAR
Role of Insights in the COVID-19 epidemic
Issued March 2020, addresses the important role insights can play during this crisis.
Open Letter on Brexit and the Need for Research
Issued July 2016. Joint letter with 8 European associations.

Enabling the digital economy

Insights and analytics are essential enablers of the digital economy. The digital revolution is changing dramatically how insights and analytics are generated and used.

The community advocates for a balanced approach that guarantees continued protections for individuals and their data and enables organisations to leverage the power of data responsibly.

Improving working conditions of persons working through digital labour platforms
Issued March 2022 together with EFAMO
Data mining for insights and the EU Copyright Reform
Issued August 2017 together with EFAMRO

Data Protection and Privacy

Handling personal data is essential for any insights and analytics project – data protection and privacy are therefore crucial topics for organisations looking to use insights.

The community advocates the respect of the privacy of individuals as critical to maintaining the trust needed for our industry to operate.

EFAMRO and ESOMAR joint statement on Guidelines 03/2022 by the EDPB
Dark patterns in social media platform interfaces: How to recognize and avoid them.
EFAMRO and ESOMAR joint statement on Guidelines 05/2021 by the EDPB
on the Interplay between the application of Article 3 and the provisions on international transfers as per Chapter V of the GDPR
ESOMAR, FEDMA, EFAMRO joint statement on Guidelines 04/2021 by the EDPB
Codes of Conduct as tools for transfers
Data: a new direction
Public consultation on reforms to the UK’s data protection regime
Audience measurement in the EU ePrivacy Regulation
Statements of the ESOMAR-led Coalition for Audience Measurement

Freedom to conduct opinion polling

Public and opinion polling are some of the most public forms of insights. They offer an independent perspective on public sentiment and intentions.

The community advocates the freedom to carry these activities provided they comply with the established self-regulatory framework.

Proposals to restrict polls in Slovakia
Issued November 2019 together with SAVA and WAPOR
Proposed reform of electoral law in Greece
Issued March 2016 together with AGMORC and WAPOR