Global Market Research Dashboard (beta)

An online dashboard hosting global, regional, and local Insights Industry turnover data for the past eight years and allowing ESOMAR Members to geographically benchmark research type, project type and research design for 2021.

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What is the Global Market Research Dashboard?

The Global Market Research report (GMR) is one of the cornerstones of ESOMAR’s industry insights. Outlining the health and future trends of the industry has helped thousands of researchers worldwide get a comprehensive view of the state of the industry. 

With data collected by national research associations, leading companies, independent analysts and ESOMAR representatives, the GMR is instrumental in the growth of the insights and analytics industry. 

Welcome to the Global Market Research Dashboard. The data from the recent Global Market Research reports is now available exclusively to ESOMAR Members in this beta version of the dashboard.

Please note:

  • The dashboard is available exclusively to ESOMAR Members.

  • The dashboard is currently in beta and is subject to regular updates and further development.

  • This is a summary of the published data and does not replace the original reports. 

  • Not all countries provided complete data on their industry. Therefore, certain discrepancies may be expected.

In Partnership with:

Value Advisory Partners

The complex data behind the GMR reports was captured in this dashboard through the pro-bono work of our friends at Value Advisory Partners.

This Dashboard is currently in beta and is under constant development. Support this venture by offering your feedback to